Welcome to Gun Made!


Hi there, my name is Brady Kirkpatrick, and I am a passionate firearm owner. It all started when I moved to Omaha, Nebraska as a kid. I met a lot of great people and learned a lot about shooting in the process.

If you’ve never been to the Midwest, two very popular activities are hunting and shooting. However, when I first moved here, I did not have any background or knowledge in the sport. I realized that there were not many places to get thorough information on guns, ammo, gear, or gun safety. 

Being fortunate enough to have friends who had grown up shooting , hunting, and being immersed in the firearm world, I picked up a lot of knowledge from them. However, they couldn’t refer me to any unbiased guides to help decide on what to purchase for my first gun, or find any helpful tips. 

So, I started the blog to help those looking to build their next ‘Gun Made’ setup. The intention was to create an unbiased, comprehensive guide on all the various options available to prospective firearm owners, and some best practices on reviewing your options before you make your big purchase, especially if it’s your first!

I also intended to easily link all the various upgrades available to each firearm, so you don’t make the same mistakes I made when building your ultimate ‘Gun Made’ setup.


Our Mission

Gun Made started with the hope of educating fellow gun enthusiasts (and beginning gun enthusiasts) on how to properly evaluate their options when building their next set up. One might experience information overload when purchasing something which such a high-ticket value, so our goal is to provide every gun owner and prospective gun owner the options they have to get the firearms they need, and to understand what factors to consider when weighing different options.

Brady Geese hunt

What Can You Expect?

  • A comprehensive guide and resource from the perspective of a beginning shooter. I quickly found that there was nowhere online to learn everything shooting related from a beginner’s perspective.
  • Unbiased information and recommendations to give you all the information in one location so that you can build your next ‘Gun Made’ setup!

How We Operate

Gun Made has been built to inform you with reviews, guides, and news based on up-to-date shooting information. We also intend to help you find the best options on all the products we cover, whether you’re on a budget, or you’re looking for the top firearm available.

Each review, guide, and news article will be designed to give our readers a comprehensive home base for researching their next purchase, learning how to customize their next firearm, or staying up to date on everything shooting. Any suggestions on articles you would like posted can be submitted on the Contact Page.

Everything written is original content and our number one priority is to write unbiased reviews.


Our Mission is to educate fellow gun enthusiasts (and beginning gun enthusiasts) on how to properly evaluate their options when building their next set up. 

If you are on board with everything, I look forward to having you explore our website!

-Brady Kirkpatrick