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Best Gun Safe Dehumidifiers In 2023: Moisture Warriors for Your Firearms preview image
Jul 31 2023
13 min read

Best Gun Safe Dehumidifiers In 2023: Moisture Warriors for Your Firearms

LOCKDOWN GoldenRod DehumidifierBest Overall – Lockwood Goldenrod
Eva-Dry E-333 gun safe dehumidifierBest Value – Eva-Dry E-333
Lockdown Dehumidifier RodBest Honorable Mention – Lockdown Dehumidifier Rod
Hornady Dehumidifier CanisterBest Portable Gun Safe Dehumidifier – Hornady Dehumidifier Canister
peet safekeeping dryerBest Energy-Efficient Gun Safe Dehumidifier – PEET Safekeeping Dryer
Browning Flexible EverDryBest for Small Spaces – Browning Flexible EverDry


Are you tired of finding your precious firearms rusted and corroded inside your gun safe? Well, fear not because we have the ultimate solution to keep your guns in pristine condition.

Introducing gun safe dehumidifiers – the unsung heroes of moisture control in the world of firearms. Whether you have a small gun safe tucked away in a corner or a spacious vault that could double as a panic room, these dehumidifiers are here to save the day.

We have scoured the market to bring you the top contenders for the best gun safe dehumidifiers. We’ll break down their features, performance, and overall value, helping you make an informed decision and protect your firearms from the clutches of rust.

Join us as we dive into the world of gun safe dehumidifiers, where we’ll uncover the best overall option, the best value for your hard-earned money, and even a few honorable mentions.

Say goodbye to rust and hello to peace of mind with the ultimate moisture-fighting solutions for your gun safe.

Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier & Recommendations

Best Overall – Lockwood Goldenrod

LOCKDOWN GoldenRod Dehumidifier


Coverage Area100 cubic feet
Power Required110-120 volt AC plug power source
Size12, 18, 24, or 36 inches, depending on model
Consumables RequiredNone

Pros & Cons

  • Incredibly easy to install
  • Large coverage area and capacity to deal with high moisture levels
  • Durable construction and excellent longevity
  • Minimal maintenance to keep working
  • Plug-in design means limited portability
  • Depends on a power outlet to function
  • Emits low level heat, so you need to ensure proper ventilation and clearance

The Lockwood Goldenrod Gun Safe Dehumidifier is our top pick for the best overall gun safe dehumidifier. It is a plug-in dehumidifier designed to provide continuous moisture control in larger gun safes. With a moisture absorption capacity of up to 12 ounces per day, it effectively prevents rust, corrosion, and other moisture-related damage to your firearms.

The Goldenrod emits a low level of heat, maintaining a constant temperature inside the safe and preventing moisture buildup. It operates on a low wattage, making it energy-efficient and cost-effective to run continuously.

It also features a thermostatic control that activates automatically when the temperature reaches the optimal level for moisture prevention. It is constructed with durable materials and is resistant to corrosion, ensuring its longevity and reliability.

The Lockwood Goldenrod has several notable pros, including its reliable performance, long lifespan, and ease of installation. It requires minimal maintenance, with no need to recharge or replace any parts.

Additionally, the Goldenrod is backed by a solid reputation in the industry and has received positive feedback from users. Available in various lengths, it offers flexibility in fitting different-sized gun safes.

Best Value – Eva-Dry E-333

Eva-Dry E-333 gun safe dehumidifier


Coverage Area333 cubic feet
Power RequiredAC 100-240V, 50/60Hz (only for renewal)
Size4.75″H x 6.25″W x 1.25″D
Consumables RequiredNone
Moisture Capacity4 to 6 ounces

Pros & Cons

  • Incredibly compact and space-saving
  • Highly portable with a compact size and no reliance on power
  • Rechargeable and long lasting
  • Completely silent operation
  • Visual indicator notifies you when dehumidifier needs recharging
  • Limited moisture absorption capacity
  • Requires regular recharging to continue functioning
  • Absorption capacity may be insufficient for extremely humid environments

The Eva-Dry E-333 gun safe dehumidifier offers excellent value for gun owners looking for a compact and portable moisture control solution. This renewable dehumidifier utilizes silica gel technology to effectively absorb excess moisture in your gun safe, preventing rust and corrosion.

Being renewable means it can be recharged and reused, making it a cost-effective option in the long run.

The E-333 can absorb moisture for up to 30-60 days before needing to be recharged, depending on the humidity level. The recharging process is simple and requires only plugging it into a power outlet for a few hours, after which it’s ready to be used again.

The compact size of the Eva-Dry E-333 is another advantage. It can fit easily into tight spaces within a gun safe, thanks to its dimensions of approximately 6.25 x 1.25 x 4.75 inches. This makes it convenient for gun owners with limited space or those who prefer a discreet dehumidifier.

Best Honorable Mention – Lockdown Dehumidifier Rod

Lockdown Dehumidifier Rod


Coverage Area100 cubic feet (12”) or 200 cubic feet (18”)
Power RequiredPlug Attachment For 110/220v AC
Size12 or 18 inches
Consumables RequiredNone

Pros & Cons

  • Plug-in design ensures continuous operation
  • Rod helps maintain a constant temperature in the safe
  • Completely silent operation
  • Large effective range
  • Plug-in design means limited portability
  • Depends on a power outlet to function
  • Emits low level heat, so you need to ensure proper ventilation and clearance

The Lockdown Dehumidifier Rod is our honorable mention. Like our top pick, the Lockwood Goldenrod, this plug-in rod provides reliable and continuous moisture control inside your gun safe. It helps maintain a constant temperature, preventing moisture buildup and protecting firearms from rust and corrosion.

With coverage for an area up to 100 cubic feet, it is suitable for a variety of safe sizes. It also comes in various sizes, ranging from 12 to 36 inches, allowing gun owners to choose the one that best fits their specific safe dimensions. It operates using a standard 110V power outlet, ensuring compatibility with most electrical systems.

The Lockdown Dehumidifier Rod operates silently and has a reputation for reliable performance, making it a trusted choice for gun owners. Constructed with high-quality materials, it is built to withstand the demanding environment of a gun safe. The rod operates silently and emits a low level of heat, making it safe to use around firearms without risking any damage or overheating.

Best Portable Gun Safe Dehumidifier – Hornady Dehumidifier Canister

Hornady Dehumidifier Canister


Coverage Area50 cubic feet
Power RequiredNone
Size5.4″ x 4.9″ x 4.0″
Consumables RequiredNone

Pros & Cons

  • Compact and portable
  • No power source required
  • Can be used and reused indefinitely
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Limited moisture absorption capacity
  • Requires regular recharging
  • Not suitable for extreme humidity

The Hornady Dehumidifier Canister is our top pick for the best portable gun safe dehumidifier. This compact and rechargeable canister is designed to effectively control moisture in small spaces, making it ideal for gun safes or other storage containers.

It utilizes desiccant technology to absorb excess moisture, preventing rust and corrosion damage to firearms. The canister is easy to use and does not require any power source, offering convenience and portability for gun owners on the go.

Simply place the canister in the desired location, and it will start absorbing moisture immediately.

The canister features a handy color-indicating silica gel, which changes from blue to pink when it becomes saturated, indicating the need for reactivation. Once that happens, all you have to do is throw the dehumidifier in the oven at 300°F for up to four hours until the desiccant crystals turn blue again.

The Hornady Dehumidifier Canister has a large capacity and can effectively cover up to 50 cubic feet of space. This makes it suitable for various gun safe sizes or other enclosed areas where moisture control is needed.

Best Energy-Efficient Gun Safe Dehumidifier – PEET Safekeeping Dryer

peet safekeeping dryer


Coverage Area300 cubic feet
Power Required110-120 volts
Size9 x 7 x 4 inches
Consumables RequiredNone

Pros & Cons

  • Low energy requirements make it eco-friendly and cost-effective
  • Uses thermal convection technology
  • Completely silent operation
  • Can be left on continuously for constant humidity elimination
  • Limited coverage area
  • Requires an electrical outlet
  • Not particularly portable

The PEET Safekeeping Dryer is our top pick for the best energy-efficient gun safe dehumidifier. This innovative device utilizes thermal convection technology to effectively circulate warm air and remove moisture from the gun safe. It operates on low energy consumption, using less electricity than a standard light bulb, making it an energy-efficient solution for moisture control.

Installation is easy, and there are no consumable items to replace and no need to recharge this gun-safe dehumidifier. All you have to do is plug it in and let it do its thing.

It is designed to be left on continuously, providing a constant circulation of warm air to eliminate dampness, sweat, and odors from firearms, ensuring they remain in optimal condition.

Best for Small Spaces – Browning Flexible EverDry

Browning Flexible EverDry


Coverage AreaUnspecified, best for small spaces
Power RequiredNone
Size5.5 inches by 0.75 inches
Consumables RequiredNone

Pros & Cons

  • Compact and flexible design
  • Plug detaches from the unit for easier installation
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Requires a power source
  • Small enough to be portable, but still relies on an outlet
  • Flexible nature comes at the expense of being more easily damaged

The Browning Flexible EverDry is our top pick for the best gun safe dehumidifier for small spaces. This compact and flexible dehumidifier is designed to fit in tight spaces within gun safes, cabinets, or other storage areas.

The flexible design allows you to position the EverDry in tight corners, on shelves, or even wrapped around a gun, maximizing its effectiveness in limited spaces. It is also lightweight and easy to manipulate, ensuring hassle-free installation. All you have to do is plug it in. An LED on the unit indicates that it’s working.

Like several of the other gun safe dehumidifiers we’ve discussed, it uses convection technology to heat the air within the gun safe, eliminating moisture.

How We Chose Our Top Picks

To choose our top picks for gun safe dehumidifiers, we conducted thorough research and considered several key factors. We began by analyzing customer reviews and feedback from reputable sources, such as gun enthusiast forums, online retailers, and gun safe accessory review websites. We also took into account expert recommendations and rankings from trusted publications within the firearms industry.

In selecting the products, we considered the following features and criteria: moisture absorption capacity, size and dimensions, power source and operation, humidity control mechanisms, durability and construction, noise level, energy efficiency, and additional features.

We quantified these features based on the specifications provided by manufacturers and verified them through customer reviews and third-party sources whenever possible, as well as considering our own experiences with these products.

Buyer’s Guide

Why Do I Need a Gun Safe Dehumidifier?

A gun safe dehumidifier serves the purpose of controlling and reducing the moisture content inside the safe. By maintaining optimal humidity levels, you can prevent rust, mildew, and other moisture-related damage to your firearms. It is particularly vital in areas with high humidity or when storing firearms for extended periods.

Types of Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

Electric Dehumidifiers

These dehumidifiers use electricity to extract moisture from the air inside the gun safe. They typically have a heating element that warms the air, causing the moisture to condense and collect in a reservoir.

Electric dehumidifiers are known for their effectiveness in larger gun safes and continuous operation. Some models come with built-in humidity sensors that automatically turn on or off based on the humidity level inside the safe. They require a power outlet within or near the safe.

Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Desiccant dehumidifiers do not require electricity to operate. Instead, they utilize moisture-absorbing materials such as silica gel or calcium chloride to remove moisture from the air. These materials absorb the excess moisture, trapping it within the dehumidifier.

Desiccant dehumidifiers are popular for their portability and flexibility. They are suitable for smaller gun safes or situations where electricity is not available. However, desiccant materials need periodic regeneration or replacement to maintain their effectiveness.

Wireless Dehumidifiers

Wireless dehumidifiers, also known as battery-operated dehumidifiers, offer flexibility and convenience. They operate on batteries and do not require a power outlet, making them ideal for situations where electricity is not accessible.

Wireless dehumidifiers are commonly used in smaller gun safes or when portability is a priority. They are easy to install and provide effective moisture control. However, it’s important to consider the battery life and ensure that it meets your requirements.

Rod Dehumidifiers

Rod dehumidifiers are elongated heating elements that emit a low level of heat to keep the interior of the gun safe warm, thereby reducing humidity. These dehumidifiers are often installed at the bottom of the safe and are suitable for larger gun safes. They require a power outlet to operate and are known for their continuous and reliable moisture control.

Other Things to Consider When Choosing a Gun Safe Dehumidifier

Moisture Absorption Capacity

One of the most critical factors to consider is the moisture absorption capacity of the dehumidifier. It determines how much moisture the device can extract from the air within a given period.

The capacity should be sufficient to maintain humidity levels below the recommended threshold, typically below 50%. Consider the size of your gun safe, the climate in your area, and the number of firearms stored when determining the appropriate moisture absorption capacity.

Size and Dimensions

Ensure that the dehumidifier you choose fits comfortably within your gun safe without occupying excessive space or obstructing firearm storage. Measure the available space inside the safe and carefully review the dimensions of the dehumidifier before making a purchase.

Humidity Control and Monitoring

Some dehumidifiers offer built-in humidity sensors or hygrometers to monitor the humidity level inside the gun safe. These sensors can automatically activate or deactivate the dehumidifier to maintain a consistent humidity level.

This feature provides convenience and ensures that your firearms are protected even when you’re not actively monitoring the safe.

Durability and Construction

Since the dehumidifier will be placed in an enclosed environment, it is essential to choose a model that is durable and resistant to corrosion. Look for dehumidifiers made from high-quality materials, such as stainless steel or robust plastic. Read customer reviews and consider the reputation of the manufacturer to ensure the product’s longevity.

Noise Level

Consider the noise level of the dehumidifier, particularly if the gun safe is located in a living space or an area where noise can be disruptive. Look for models that mention noise reduction features or operate quietly, ensuring a peaceful environment.

Energy Efficiency

For electric dehumidifiers, energy efficiency is an important consideration. Look for models with an Energy Star rating or low power consumption to minimize electricity usage and keep operating costs down.

Additional Features and Accessories

Some dehumidifiers may come with extra features or accessories that enhance their functionality. These may include LED indicators, automatic shut-off, mounting brackets, or extension cords.

Evaluate these additional features and assess whether they align with your specific needs and preferences.


Should I put a dehumidifier in my gun safe?

Yes, you absolutely should put a dehumidifier in your gun safe to control moisture levels and prevent rust, corrosion, and other damage to your firearms.

What size dehumidifier do I need for my gun safe?

The size of the dehumidifier you need for your gun safe depends on the dimensions of your safe, the number of firearms stored, and the ambient humidity level. We recommend that you choose a dehumidifier with a moisture absorption capacity suitable for the size and contents of your specific gun safe.

What is the best thing to keep moisture out of a gun safe?

The best thing to keep moisture out of a gun safe is a dedicated gun safe dehumidifier. It effectively controls humidity levels, preventing moisture-related damage to firearms by reducing the risk of rust, corrosion, and other issues.


We have explored the world of gun safe dehumidifiers and discovered the top contenders in various categories. We’ve uncovered the best overall option, the Lockwood Goldenrod, which combines exceptional performance, reliability, and ease of use to keep your firearms moisture-free. It’s a true champion in the battle against rust and corrosion.

Remember, the key to maintaining the longevity and quality of your firearms lies in proper moisture control. No matter which of these fantastic options you choose, the important thing is to take action to protect your investments.

We hope this guide has been helpful in your quest for the perfect gun safe dehumidifier. Now, it’s your turn! We want to hear from you. Have you tried any of the dehumidifiers we mentioned? Do you have any additional recommendations or insights to share? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

Written by Megan Kriss
Megan Kriss photo Megan has been an avid recreational shooter since she was a young child and she's thrilled to have the opportunity to combine this love with her passion for writing. Megan Kriss is a seasoned writer and firearms enthusiast with contributions to a variety of publications, including Pew Pew Tactical, American Firearms, A Well-Armed Woman, Recoil, and Faxon Firearms. In addition to firearms, Megan also enjoys writing about pets, outdoor recreation, and other lifestyle topics. When she's not busy writing, Megan enjoys tabletop games, reading, and being outdoors. She shares her Georgia home with her partner, dog, and two cats.


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