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Both hunters and shooters alike agree that having a quality bipod is an essential tool on the battlefield. Bipods offer not only stability but also confidence in your shooting.

When it comes down to purchasing a bipod, your options can become overwhelming as you start your search. But, by identifying some of your basic needs, you can quickly and easily find the best rifle bipod.

Lucky for you, I tested 8 different products and found the Harris Engineering S-BRM Bipod to be the best bipod overall.

Although I am, by no means, the best sharpshooter out there, I take pride in the research I conducted to discover the best products out there. Trust me when I say I need all the help I can get, which is why I find value in sharing my discoveries. 

I want to show the world that you do not need to be a gun connoisseur to appreciate the sport. By being educated and having the best products available, you too can easily find enjoyment as you work to improve your skill.

Although all of the bipods that have made the list of top picks are all quality products, the Harris Engineering S-BRM Bipod proves to be the leader thanks to its overall functionality and durability.

It is hard to compete with the Harris Engineering S-BRM Bipod, which combines all of these features with a convenient and lightweight build, making it the top pick.

As we continue through the list, you’ll find the top picks for the best of:

Harris Engineering S-BRM Bipod Check Price
Atlas V8 BT10 BipodCheck Price
GG&G XDS-2 Tactical BipodCheck Price
Harris Bipods BRMSCheck Price
UTG Recon Flex M-LOK(R) BipodCheck Price

Product Mini-Reviews

Harris Engineering S-BRM Bipod – Best Rifle Bipod Overall

At the top of the list is the Harris Engineering S-BRM Bipod for its combined durability and functionality with a reasonable price tag. This bipod is a top pick for shooting, hunting, and military fields, displaying its broad-ranged adjustability.

Perfect for uneven terrain, the Harris Engineering S-BRM Bipod smoothly rotates to ensure solid footing for your shots. The base is hinged with a tension adjustment and buff spring technology, eliminating any potential tremor or looseness experienced in the crotch area.

Each leg ejects with a simple spring action for quick deployment, which is the improved version of their original bipod with leg notches. These spring-loaded legs offer four adjustable height settings in one-inch increments from six up to nine inches. 

This bipod is incredibly lightweight, weighing in at only 13 ounces, making it a great option that doesn’t add to excessive weight.

Users enjoy the durability of Harris Engineering Bipods, which include easily replaceable elements. This particular model also contains a sling swivel stud design for easy attachment of the sling.

For a hands-on look at the Harris Engineering S-BRM Bipod installation, take a look at this quick tutorial video here.

  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Spring-loaded legs for easy positioning
  • Great for unstable surfaces
  • Difficulty tilting

Some users report difficulties in locking in the tilting feature with heavier rifles but claim this is quickly curbed by purchasing a pod lock. Overall, a minor adjustment necessary for an otherwise excellent purchase for improving shooting accuracy.

Atlas V8 BT10 Bipod – Best Rifle Bipod for Long-Range Shooting

The Atlas V8 BT10 Bipod is another great bipod option for any rifle or gun used in long-range shooting. Due to its durable design, it offers increased stability for even heavier rifles in the field. It can also be great for resting during hunting since you can use it on the ground, walls, or rocks.

Increase your accuracy and focus on your targets through easy adjustment in this bipod. With accushot technology, it also offers a tilting feature, which helps to get your positioning just right.

The rigid T6 aluminum material of the Atlas Bipod is military spec type III hard anodized and ensures its durability and reliability. Despite its heavy-duty features, this bipod still boasts a lightweight at less than 13 ounces.

The legs of this hunting bipod aloof for five different positions, each of which can tilt at 45 degrees. Quickly and easily adjust the bipod’s position by pressing a button on each side of the leg.

One great feature of the Atlas V8 BT10 is that each element is replaceable and purchased separately. That means you don’t have to worry about replacing the whole bipod if one piece of the equipment wears over time.

Take a look at an in-depth tutorial of the Atlas V8 BT10 Bipod here.

  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Military-grade anodization
  • Five varying leg heights
  • Expensive

The Atlas V8 BT10 Bipod runs more expensive than some of the others on the list, but you can rest assured that you are getting quality with this purchase. With military-grade materials and interchangeable pieces, this bipod will last.

GG&G XDS-2 Tactical Bipod – Best Rifle Bipod for Tactical Shooting

Built with an ultra-rugged design, the GG&G XDS-2 Tactical Bipod is another high-quality favorite on the list. Military shooters prefer it because it offers heightened stability and increased accuracy in every shot.

Despite the features’ ruggedness, this bipod gives you smooth controls and is the updated version of the Classic Extreme Duty Bipod.

The GG&G XDS-2 Tactical Bipod is straightforward to install and operate. Once fitted, you receive 20 degrees of panning and 25 degrees of canting. The leg lengths offer a unique design that allows adjustment ranging between 45 and 90 degrees, with easy folding and locking to the position you desire.

The rubber feet help for stability on even the most rugged surfaces, a military option. As the rubber feet begin to wear over time, you can easily purchase replacements to keep your bipod as practical as possible in the field.

To take a look at some of the functionality benefits and install aspects of the GG&G XDS-2 Tactical Bipod, check out this quick video.

  • Popular in military
  • Ultra-rugged design
  • Easy install
  • Expensive

Although the GG&G XDS-2 Tactical Bipod has a high price tag, this is another product you know you are getting the bang for your buck on when purchasing. This product is built to last and is known for being a choice bipod of the military.

Harris Bipods BRMS – Best Rifle Bipod for Price

Another great model coming from Harris Engineering Company is their latest model, the BRMS Bipod. This company is known for being an industry leader, with exemplary performance in all of their products.

The BRMS model specifically ranks highly, offering unmatched durability and performance with an incredibly affordable price tag. It is a great, multi-functional bipod that can quickly become an essential tool for hunting and shooting.

Not only does this bipod have a sleek look and design, but Harris Engineering Company is also known for adding sustainable building solutions to their designs that are more environmentally friendly than some of their competitors.

The legs are notched with adjustable length, ensuring you can increase your accuracy and confidence in each shot. Each notch allows one inch per movement, and some screws help prevent any unwanted movement during your firing.

A swivel stud on this BRMS Bipod helps you tilt and rotate your focus without compromising the position.

For an in-depth look at the Harris BRMS Bipod, check out this video.

  • Swivel stud included
  • Durable materials
  • Easy tilt feature
  • Difficult install

Some users report difficulties when installing the Harris BRMS Bipod. Luckily, with helpful videos online, such as the one posted above, you can see the step-by-step process and avoid any confusion on your end.

UTG Recon Flex M-LOK(R) Bipod – Other Great Options

Unlike others on this top picks list, the UTG Recon Flex M-LOK(R) Bipod has a unique design with independent legs attaching directly to your rifle. The UTG brand is a great, reliable name, making this model a top pick on our list.

The independent legs’ position is easy to adjust and therefore offers additional stability on otherwise uneven surfaces. Hold your rifle tight in a 90 degree upright position thanks to the M-LOK feature of this bipod.

This model is one of the first with this independent design, which attaches directly onto a Keymod or M-LOK handguard at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions.

This model is an excellent option for either indoor or outdoor shooting built from aircraft-grade aluminum. Since this material is known for being lightweight, you can easily carry this bipod to any location necessary. The matte black anodized coating helps to prevent rusting due to the elements.

The UTG Recon Flex M-LOK(R) Bipod quickly deploys and is incredibly lightweight due to the unique design.

To take a look at this bipod in use, check out this video.

  • Unique, lightweight design
  • Convenient storage
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • It does not allow panning

Although this bipod is a great, versatile option to improve your shooting, it does not allow for panning because of the design. If that is a crucial feature you are unwilling to compromise on, you might want to look for other options. Otherwise, users are pleased with the overall performance of this bipod.

Caldwell XLA Pivot Bipod – Other Great Options

If you’re looking for a great, inexpensive bipod option, the Caldwell XLA Pivot is another excellent choice. Primarily best suited for long-range shooting and hunting, this pivot bipod offers a sling swivel stud and is known for being one of the cheapest on the market.

Designed with lightweight aluminum, the Caldwell XLA Pivot Bipod is still durable and helps provide a stable position for your rifle. With four different heights, you can quickly change and adjust as needed on the field.

The foldable legs of this bipod are notched and spring-loaded, allowing for quick deployment when it is needed. The lower portion of Caldwell XLA Pivot Bipod moves independently from the mount. This feature makes for providing you with fast leveling on the most uneven surfaces.

There is a tension knob on this bipod that allows you to control the level of resistance in your pivoting motion.

This bipod’s soft rubber feet allow for extra stability while the base has padding to provide your firearm’s forend from any potential damage.

For easy installation instructions, check out this video.

  • Most affordable bipod on the market
  • Spring-loaded legs
  • Padded base for rifle protection
  • Unreliable mounting

If you are looking for a cheap bipod option, the Caldwell XLA Pivot Bipod is an excellent option for you. Keep in mind, though, some users have mentioned that the mount wasn’t the most reliable in holding. Otherwise, it provides a great value at the price it is listed.

CVLIFE 6-9 Tactical Rifle Bipod – Other Great Options

Another excellent budget option is the CVLIFE 6-9 Tactical Rifle Bipod, which easily supports modern sporting rifles, such as the AR10. With a Picatinny mount adapter and different length options, this bipod is a great tactical option.

The CVLIFE bipod is lightweight, weighing in at only ten ounces, with a design of a combination of hardened stainless steel and aluminum.

The CVLIFE 6-9 Tactical Rifle Bipod has a unique, upgraded mount tension screw strong and deep enough to provide you with the tension you need.

Spring-loaded, adjustable legs make folding and carrying simple, without any extra noise added in the dismounting at a press of a button.

Take a look at an in-depth look at the installation here.

  • Inexpensive
  • Extra screws for tension control
  • Button control leg locking
  • Leveling issues

Some users report leveling issues, but this is likely to do with adjusting the tension control with the spring-loaded legs. Any users with lower caliber rifles found no problems with the leveling and found the product to be a fantastic find for the price.

Buyer’s Guide

Before purchasing a rifle bipod of your own, it is vital to keep in mind a few key considerations. Ensure that you are as educated as possible about bipods and their features, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Take a look at some pivotal elements I hope will help you to pick out your bipod.

How to Choose the Best Rifle Bipod

When you are looking to purchase a rifle bipod, you want to look at the different features they offer. Here are a few of the top factors you’ll want to consider to help you pick out the best rifle bipod for your needs.


Most commonly, you will find rifle bipods made from aluminum or carbon fiber. Aluminum tends to be preferable due to its strong, durable, reliable, and lightweight nature. Depending on how powerful your rifle is and its overall weight, you might want to look into higher-grade aluminum materials for your bipod, including aircraft-grade.

Try to steer clear of any polymer bipods if you happen to come across them. A polymer material is not well suited for long-lasted use.


You’ll also want to keep in mind the extensibility of the bipod legs that you are purchasing. Remember that the purpose of the bipod is to set your perfect position for each shot.

Some bipods offer a spring-loaded function in the legs that allow you to adjust based on your surroundings quickly. Tactical shooters tend to prefer bipods with the highest levels of length adjustments.


More likely than not, you will want the lightest weight bipod available to reduce carrying fatigue. Since your rifle is already enough weight, try to find the most lightweight option you can, without compromising its stability.

Keep in mind that the heavier duty your rifle is, the more heavy-duty materials you will need to look for in your bipod, adding on weight.


Panning is the feature in your bipod that allows it to move from left to right. You can measure panning by degrees, and most bipods will explicitly state the degree of panning the product features. 

It can be critical to have panning because it allows you to make micro corrections without moving your rifle or bipod.


Depending on the type of rifle you have, there is a wide variety of adapters to help fit it to a bipod. 

You will find that bipods either have a Picatinny rail mount or a sling swivel stud mount. Both attachments make for a quick detach and easy attachment of the bipod to the rifle. 

The one thing to look out for when it comes to attachments is the amount of time it takes to fit or remove the rifle from the bipod. Take a look at user reviews to see if anyone has faced issues with this before purchase.


As you saw in the list, rifle bipods come at all different prices. Depending on your needs and the level of features you are looking for, you can expect a decent rifle bipod to cost you anywhere in the $30-250+ price range.


Canting is another feature in your bipod, but it measures the movement up and down, unlike panning. This feature is essential to help with your aim on your target without messing with your bipod’s height adjustment.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Rifle Bipod?

Whether you prefer shooting, hunting, or both, rifle bipods are sure to be an essential tool to you. Considering 62% of Americans own a rifle, it is worth understanding this added tool’s benefits. Here are some of the top advantages of using a hunting rifle bipod.

Improved Accuracy

Because bipods provide additional stability during your shooting positions, they help to increase your accuracy. You don’t have to worry about unnecessary wobbling as you aim to hit your target.

Rather than using your elbow on the ground or putting all of the pressure against your shoulder, rifle bipods plant you to the ground to provide you with the stability you need.

Reduce Fatigue

If you use your shoulder for stability, over time, it will inevitably become fatigued. The larger your rifle, the more fatigue you will experience and at a faster rate.

Rifle bipods help to alleviate this fatigue in your shoulder and from carrying it around as well. You’ll be surprised to see how this reduction in your fatigue can increase your alertness and overall performance.

Free Your Hands

Free up using your hands while using a rifle bipod to change out a magazine, or answer any calls as needed while out in the field.

Increase Maneuverability

When using a rifle bipod, you can point at shoot your target from a lying, sitting, or even standing position, depending on your terrain. 

What Are the Disadvantages of Using a Rifle Bipod?

Although the disadvantages are limited and entirely based on user preference, it is crucial to identify them. Here are a few of the most notable drawbacks to using a rifle bipod.

Difficulty with Running Shots

If you miss your shot and your target abruptly changes its direction, you might have some difficulty adjusting your shot quickly. Sometimes, bipods will get stuck in the ground where you initially place them, causing a lag in your second shot on moving targets.

This sticking is not experienced across all bipod users and may vary depending on leg retraction type. If you look for a bipod with a spring coil, you might find that it adjusts as needed with your shots, alleviating some of the stress of this concern.

Added Weight

Carrying a rifle in it adds enough weight, so adding a bipod to your pack doesn’t help. With today’s technology, most bipods are made of lightweight aluminum, adding minimal weight for you.

You can also look out for bipods that come with their storage bags to easily stow and carry along with you in the field.

Sharper Recoil

Some users have noted that they feel sharper recoil while using rifle bipods. As you increase your shooting experience, you will notice that the recoil can be deflected back into the ground-based upon the angles you are pointing and shooting.

Prerequisite and Precautions for Using a Rifle Bipod

As with all firearms and their accessories, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s directions regarding the installation and use explicitly.

There are no real prerequisites necessary for rifle bipods, as they are relatively simple to install and operate. Thankfully, as you have seen in the reviews, there are plenty of videos available from manufacturers and users providing simple step-by-step installation and use instructions.


Choosing the best bipod for your rifle is a decision you should not take lightly, as this tool will become an essential piece of your shooting or hunting. Perfect your shot by increasing your accuracy and stability through the use of a high-quality rifle bipod.

Although I am a big fan of all of the bipods that I have mentioned in the top picks, the Harris Engineering S-BRM Bipod is, hands down, my favorite. It is hard to compete with a combined versatility and durability level, all packed into a lightweight build.

So, if you are looking for the best overall rifle bipod for shooters of all ranges, click to purchase the Harris Engineering S-BRM Bipod directly from Amazon.

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