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Editorial Guidelines


Gun Made is dedicated to serving avid gun enthusiasts, collectors, and responsible gun owners. Our mission is to provide insightful stories, cutting-edge product reviews, and educational content on gun ownership and use. We inspire our audience to pursue their passions for firearms and promote responsible gun ownership.

Gun Made is an independent entity prioritizing editorial integrity.

Editorial Autonomy

At Gun Made, we hold fast to the belief that prioritizing our audience's needs and maintaining editorial independence are the keys to building trust. As such, editorial decisions are made without any external influence from non-editorial personnel.

Our editors, writers, video producers, and content managers have complete control over the content we produce.

Our commitment to editorial integrity means that no external forces, including advertisers, business development, HR, or company stakeholders, can dictate our content. We adhere to the highest journalistic standards as outlined by the Society of Professional Journalists' Code of Ethics.

Transparency, Disclosure, and Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

Our dedication to putting our audience first is demonstrated by our transparent methods, avoidance of conflicts of interest, and disclosure of business relationships. We ensure our readers understand the nature of the content we provide.

Our team is required to openly disclose any relationships that may be perceived as influencing our coverage. Financial interests in a subject area are not permitted, including company shares related to the subject matter.

Products tested for reviews are used solely for content creation, and we typically offer to return them to the manufacturer after testing. Staff members and regular contributors are prohibited from accepting compensation from entities they cover or selling products they obtain for reviews.

Gun Made may earn commissions through product review links, disclosed in each story containing affiliate links. Our product reviews and recommendations are driven solely by our expertise, research, and experience; any sponsored content will be explicitly marked.

Accuracy and Responsibility

Our editors are committed to providing the most accurate, up-to-date news, features, analysis, and recommendations to our audience. Every piece of content goes through a thorough editorial process, ensuring the highest quality and accuracy. When applicable, an independent fact-checker verifies all statements in a story.

We also cite our sources. When we reference outside information, we name the source and, whenever possible, provide a link to the original source. Our journalists are responsible for verifying the credibility of the sources used in our stories.

We recognize that mistakes can happen, and we take them seriously. When a reader or source raises an issue with a published story, an editor reviews the proposed change against our sourcing, consults additional resources if needed, and determines if a correction is necessary. If warranted, we update the relevant text and insert a note disclosing the error in the story itself.

Our Editorial Team

Gun Made is led by Brady Kirkpatrick and a team of passionate firearm owners who come from diverse backgrounds. This diverse team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, ensuring well-rounded and insightful content for our readers.