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Gun and Gear Giveaways

Welcome to our list of the best free guns, ammo, gear, optics, and other gun-related giveaways.

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A Complete List of Gun and Gear Giveaways Out There

Gun & Gear GiveawayValueAddedEnd DateDaily Entries
Brigade BM9 Crimson Red Battle Worn 9mm AR Pistol Giveaway$1,000.003/23/234/23/23-
Guided Sheep Hunt + Gunwerks Rifle + Kuiu Gear Package Giveaway$48,6243/22/235/31/23-
4 BCA Pistol Uppers and Mags Giveaway$9003/22/234/2/23Yes
Custom Glock 43 Pistol Giveaway$8003/22/234/5/23-
YKMF-5 AR Pistol + Gear Giveaway$2,5003/22/235/5/23Yes
6 Day African Hunting Safari + Rifle + Optics + Gear Giveaway$21,5003/21/235/1/23-
Swampfox Optics Giveaway (5 Winners)$2793/20/233/24/23-
Mercedes C63 AMG Giveaway$30,000.003/20/234/6/23-
Bergara B-14 HMR .22-250 Rifle + Scope + Gear Giveaway$3,086.003/19/233/30/23-
Sig Sauer P365 X-Macro 9mm Pistol Giveaway$9003/19/234/13/23Yes
1,248 Survival Meals Giveaway$1,7993/18/2312/31/23-
S&W M&P 5x7 9mm Pistol Giveaway$6503/18/233/26/23Yes
Faxon FX-19 Hellfire Pistol + Optic + Tactical Gear Giveaway$3,362.003/17/234/9/23Yes
eBike, Solo Stove, Camping Chair, $300 Gift Cards + Gear Giveaway$2,0003/17/233/24/23-
Ruger AR-556 Green Rifle Giveaway$5993/17/234/2/23-
Steyr AUG A3 M1 Rifle + EOTech EXPS2 Optic Giveaway$3,700.003/16/233/29/23Yes
ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 6 Person Tent + Camping Gear Giveaway$3,5993/16/233/31/23-
Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey Shotgun + Gear Giveaway$1,4063/16/234/10/23Yes
Springfield Armory SA-35 Pistol Giveaway$7993/15/233/31/23-
BCA 5.56 NATO 16" Cerakoted Camo Rifle + Gear Giveaway$726.943/13/233/26/23Yes
Atlai Pro R750 E-Bike Giveaway (2 Winners)$2,9993/11/233/31/24-
Hoyt Compound Bow Giveaway (2 Winners)$1,8993/11/233/31/24-
Ruger Precision .300 Wing Mag Rifle Giveaway$1,7993/11/235/29/24-
19 Guns + Gun Safe Giveaway$44,7503/10/236/15/24-
Ruger SFAR .308 Win Rifle + Meprolight Red Dot Sight Giveaway$1,8293/10/233/31/23-
$1,000 Visa Gift Card Giveaway$1,0003/9/233/31/23-
Vortex Rifle Scope, HD Binoculars, Spotting Scope, Tripod + Gear Giveaway$3,7003/8/233/24/23-
Weknife/ Civivi Knife Set Giveaway$3833/8/234/6/23-
Long Range University Class + Revic Optics Giveaway$18,9693/7/233/31/23-
$5,000 Cash Giveaway (10 Winners)$5,0003/7/234/3/23-
Viktos CCW Slingbag + Tactical Duffel + $500 Gift Card Giveaway$7003/7/234/6/23-
Turkey Hunting Gear Package Giveaway$4603/7/234/3/23-
Keystone Arcadia Super Lite 293SLRD Travel Trailer Giveaway$63,3823/3/235/31/23-
Sig Tread Rifle, P226 Pistol, Ammo, Optics, Gear + Trip Giveaway$10,0003/3/234/2/23-
Sig Sauer P320 AXG Legion Pistol + 9mm Ammo Giveaway$2,1253/3/233/31/23Yes
Glock 19 Pistol + Red Dot Giveaway$1,5003/3/234/3/23-
KelTec P15 Pistol Giveaway$6003/3/233/31/23-
20" .350 Legend AR-15 Rifle + Gear Package Giveaway$3,0003/2/233/31/23-
Colt 1911 Tomb of the Unknown Solder 45acp Pistol Giveaway$2,5003/2/233/30/23Yes
Stag Arms AR-15 Rfile, Gunsmith Tools + Gift Cards Giveaway$2,2003/2/233/31/23-
Czech ZB37 Parts Kit Giveaway$1,9993/2/233/31/23-
Turkey Huinting Gear Package Giveaway$1,6483/2/233/31/23-
Kodiak Canvas 12x12 Cabin Lodge Tent + Camping Gear Giveaway$3,5003/1/235/31/23-
Springfield Armory SA-35 Pistol Giveaway$7993/1/233/31/23-
$500 Drake Gift Card Giveaway$5003/1/233/24/23-
Ruger American Ranch Rifle 350 Legend Rifle Giveaway$6702/25/236/1/23Yes
Moriarti Arms AR-45 Glock Style Pistol Giveaway$9502/25/234/1/23Yes
Fireproof Gun Safe Giveaway$3302/24/233/23/23-
$1,500 Big Tex Ordinance Gift Card Giveaway$1,5002/19/234/16/23Yes
Bellator Rifle System Giveaway$5,0002/15/235/16/23Yes
EDC Gear Package Giveaway$3982/11/233/31/23-
Electronic Ear Pro Giveaway$802/9/234/30/23Yes
Oklahoma Whitetail Hunt + Gear Giveaway$10,0002/1/238/23/2023-
Sig Sauer M400 Tread Snakebait Coil 5.56mm Rifle Giveaway$1,3302/1/238/23/2023Yes
Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 Watch Giveaway$6501/24/20233/28/2023Yes
Garmin Tactix7 GPS Watch Giveaway$1,1001/19/2312/31/2023-
Rossi RP63 .357 Mag Revolver Giveaway$4601/18/20234/15/2023Yes
Taurus Raging Hunter S&W .460 Revolver + $200 Desants Gift Card Giveaway$1,4701/18/234/18/2023Yes
$10,000 Cash or Trip to Paris + $5,000 Giveaway$1,4991/15/236/15/2023-
$2,023 Ammo Giveaway$10,0001/11/202312/31/2023-
Arrowhead Rifles .45 Muzzleloader Rifle + Zeiss 6-24x50 Scope + Gear Giveaway$8,2001/10/233/31/2023-
Rough Rider Rancher Carbine 22 LR Black 16" Giveaway$3341/1/234/1/2023Yes

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are gun giveaways?

Gun giveaways are a great way to get free guns without having any purchase necessary. Contests often require no ticket, and you can win any type of gun, including long-range rifles, shotguns, or pistols!

How do I enter each contest?

Each contest is sponsored by a different outdoor or gun brand. Each contest has a link you need to click through to sign up, and each giveaway has different instructions to give you more entries to win.

We’ve gone even further and noted which giveaways offer ‘daily entries,’ meaning ways you can enter EVERY day. So come back to our gun giveaways page daily and get as many possible free entries as you can!

What are daily entries?

Daily entries are entries that reset every day, so you can enter as many times as you want as long as you visit each day. There are different activities involved to receive daily entries, but most of them just require you to visit the giveaway page again.

We’ll tell you about the giveaways that give out daily entries, so come back every day and look for the rows that show Daily Entries.

How do I know if I won?

If you win a gun or gear giveaway, the company that is sponsoring that specific giveaway typically notifies you via email or phone if you won. It’s good practice for companies to email everyone notifying them the official winner of the giveaway so you at least know if you DIDN’T win.

How do I get updated on new giveaways?

You can receive gun giveaway updates and get notified of new giveaways by signing up to our email alerts below.

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