Gun and Gear Giveaways [2022]

Welcome to our list of the best free guns, ammo, gear, optics, and other gun-related giveaways for 2022.

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A Complete List of Gun and Gear Giveaways Out There

Gun & Gear Giveaway (Click Title To Enter)ValueAddedEnd DateDaily Entries?
$50,000 Cash Giveaway$50,00010/30/202112/15/2022Yes
Shotgun Of Your Choice + Gift Cards Giveaway (13 Winners)$2,0001/4/202212/31/2022
Bergara B-14 BMP Bolt-Action Rifle Giveaway$9992/1/202212/31/2022
Winchester Ranger 26 Gun Safe Giveaway$2,2746/8/202212/31/2022
SCCY DVG1 Pistol Giveaway$3307/31/202212/31/2022
Stribog SP9A3G Pistol w/Brace Giveaway$1,0008/23/202212/31/2022
$5,000 Brownells Gift Card Giveaway (5 Winners)$5,0008/24/202212/31/2022
Arex Delta Gen.2 M Pistol Giveaway$4909/5/202211/30/2022
IWI Masada Slip Pistol, Holosun ESP Carry MRS Red Dot + Holster Giveaway$9009/11/202212/10/2022Yes
2-Day Guided Hunt, Traeger Grills, Gatr Coolers, Vortex Optics + More Giveaway (19 Winners)$5,0009/18/2212/30/22
Aero Precision Enhanced 18" .308 M5 Rifle in FDE + Optics + Black Magpul Furniture$2,60010/03/202212/01/2022Yes
M4E1 Blowndeadline OD Snakeskin Cerakote Rifle$2,00010/11/202211/30/2022
Anderson AM-10 Gen2 Giveaway$1,66810/14/202211/30/2022
Moriarti Arms AR-15 16" Rifle Giveaway$1,00010/27/202211/29/2022Yes
Hunting Gear + Vortex Optics + Savage Axis II 6.5cm Rifle Giveaway$60011/3/202211/30/2022
Ruger 11112 10/22 Takedown Rifle Giveaway$52211/3/202211/30/2022Yes
Sig Sauer P320 XFive Legion + Holster + Ammo Giveaway$1,13211/3/202211/30/2022
Smith&Wesson Model 629 .44mag Revolver Giveaway$90011/3/202211/30/2022Yes
$2,000 Shopping Spree on the Primary Arms Website$2,00011/3/202201/01/2023Yes
Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro 6.5 creedmoor Rifle + Scope Giveaway$4,70011/3/202202/01/2023Yes
Ace Concealment Shelf + Sig Sauer P320 XCarry Legion Giveaway$1,30011/6/202212/2/2022
Handgun Parts Upgrade Package$22911/6/202212/2/2022Yes
Browning X-Bolt Speed Suppressor Ready Rifle + Caldwell Portable Range Kit + Black Hills Gold 6.5 Creedmoor Ammunition$1,899.9311/7/202211/30/2022
Daniel Defense DD4 RIII Rifle + Optics + Binary Triggers Giveaway$6,18311/7/202211/30/2022
M4E1 BDL Multiline Camo Pistol Giveaway$2,50011/7/202211/30/2022
R7 Mako 9mm Black Optic Ready Pistol + Mags + Holster + Bag$55011/7/202212/31/2022
Ultimate PDL Giveaway 11/9/202211/30/2022
XDMAN Guns & Gear Giving Thanks Giveaway$6,50011/20/202211/30/2022
8.6 Blackout 12" Custom Pistol Build and a Pair of Axil GS Extremes$3,00011/29/202212/5/2022Yes
AR-15 Rifle + Shotgun + Pistol + Ammo + Red Dot Sight + Armor Plates + Gear Giveaway$3,75611/20/202212/31/2022Yes
XDMAN Guns & Gear Giving Thanks Giveaway$6,50011/20/202211/30/2022
8.6 Blackout 12" Custom Pistol Build + GS Extremes Giveaway$3,00011/21/202212/5/2022Yes
WC-15 Ranger .300HAM’R Rifle + Pack Giveaway$2,78011/22/20221/10/2023Yes
TLR RM1 Weaponlight Giveaway$14011/24/202211/30/2022Yes
P365 Pistol + Holster Giveaway$55011/25/202212/25/2022Yes
Solar Edition Smarwatch With Ballistics Giveaway$1,40011/26/202211/28/2022Yes
Body Armor + Red Dot Sight + Gear Giveaway$3,75611/27/202212/31/2022Yes

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are gun giveaways?

Gun giveaways are a great way to get free guns without having any purchase necessary. Contests often require no ticket, and you can win any type of gun, including long-range rifles, shotguns, or pistols!

How do I enter each contest?

Each contest is sponsored by a different outdoor or gun brand. Each contest has a link you need to click through to sign up, and each giveaway has different instructions to give you more entries to win.

We’ve gone even further and noted which giveaways offer ‘daily entries,’ meaning ways you can enter EVERY day. So come back to our gun giveaways page daily and get as many possible free entries as you can!

What are daily entries?

Daily entries are entries that reset every day, so you can enter as many times as you want as long as you visit each day. There are different activities involved to receive daily entries, but most of them just require you to visit the giveaway page again.

We’ll tell you about the giveaways that give out daily entries, so come back every day and look for the rows that show Daily Entries.

How do I know if I won?

If you win a gun or gear giveaway, the company that is sponsoring that specific giveaway typically notifies you via email or phone if you won. It’s good practice for companies to email everyone notifying them the official winner of the giveaway so you at least know if you DIDN’T win.

How do I get updated on new giveaways?

You can receive gun giveaway updates and get notified of new giveaways by signing up to our email alerts below.

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