The TP9-N is a semiautomatic version of the MP-9-N, and is a great choice for those looking for a smaller, lighter, and more flexible weapon. The MP9-N/TP9-N was refined and optimized in cooperation with special units from police and military, making it the perfect gun for covert operations of all kinds. Once registered as an SBR, the TP9-N can also be used as a Personal Defense Weapon (PDW).

B&T TP9-N Price History

Price Description Condition Date Sold
$2,014.00 B&T Tp9 Pist 9Mm Odg 5" 30+1 # BT-30105-N-US-OD 840225705720 New 9/22/2022
$2,599.00 9mm Luger TP9-N B&T Weapons TP9 Tan BT-30105-2-N + RBS Suppressor SD-123304-US NEW! New 6/4/2022
$2,166.08 B&T TP9-N PSTL 9MM 5 840225705713 DV-BT-30105-2-N-TA New 4/2/2022
$2,166.08 B&T TP9-N PSTL 9MM 5 840225705706 DV-BT-30105-2-N-BL New 4/2/2022
$2,166.08 B&T TP9-N PSTL 9MM 5 840225705713 DV-BT-30105-2-N-TA New 3/15/2022
$1,500.00 Other Model Brugger & Thomet B&T TP9-N 9mm FDE FLAT DARK EARTH TP9 BT-30105-N-US-CT New 1/31/2022

B&T TP9-N Specs

Brand Category MSRP Caliber Action Capacity Barrel Length Finish Length Sight Type
B&T Pistols & Revolvers $1832.84 9mm Semi-Automatic 30 rounds 5" inches Tan 5" Flip-Up

B&T TP9-N Variants

B&T TP9-N BT301052NTN

9mm / 30 rounds


B&T TP9-N Videos

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