Sig Sauer P239 Tactical

Sig Sauer P239 Tactical
The P239 Tactical is a compact back-up pistol that was developed in response to demands from law enforcement and federal agents. It comes with a threaded barrel, front cocking serrations on the slide, and the SRT Trigger System. The SRT (Short Reset Trigger) is designed to provide the same great safety and smooth action of the SIG DA/SA with a comfortable reset that is 60% shorter for faster trigger return and surgical control during high speed shooting. The slim profile of this single-stack pistol provides easy concealment without sacrificing handling. The excellent characteristics of the P239 are the result of performance engineering.

Sig Sauer P239 Tactical Price History

Price Description Condition Date Sold
$605.00 9mm Luger Sig Sauer P239 Tactical THREADED BARREL 4 inch " barrel Used 6/11/2022
$822.00 9mm Luger LNIB Sig Sauer P239 Tactical 9MM UNFIRED! NICE! No Res P239-9-TAC New Old Stock 5/23/2022
$805.00 9mm Luger Sig Sauer P239 Tactical threaded barrel NEW OLD STOCK New Old Stock 3/22/2022
$915.00 9mm Luger SIG SAUER P239 TACTICAL 9MM THREADED BARREL 239-9-TAC WITH BOX Used 2/23/2022
$899.00 9mm Luger Sig Sauer P239 Tactical Threaded - 4" 8rd/10rd New C17-SIG-56A017055 4 inch " barrel 239-9-TAC New 1/28/2022
$691.00 9mm Luger Beautiful SIG Sauer P239 Tactical, 9mm, Threaded Barrel, SRT, NS, LNIB 798681412570 4 inch " barrel 239-9-TAC Used 11/5/2021

Sig Sauer P239 Tactical Specs

Brand Category MSRP
Sig Sauer Pistols & Revolvers $749.69

Sig Sauer P239 Tactical Ratings

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Andrew C
Rating: 100%

I was looking for a pistol that I could carry with me on my job as a security guard. I wanted something that would be easy to conceal and not too heavy. The Sig Sauer P239 Tactical is perfect for what I need. It's lightweight, has a great grip, and it's easy to shoot.

September 22, 2021

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