Smith & Wesson Model 642

Smith & Wesson Model 642
The Smith & Wesson J-Frame revolver has been a popular choice for self-defense since 1950. These small revolvers are designed to fire a full power round and are simple and easy to use. Available in various calibers and with three diverse hammer designs, the Smith & Wesson J-Frame is a reliable choice for self-defense. The Model 642 Pro Series is a variation on the Model 42 Centennial Airweight® that integrates the time-tested features of the original with modern advancements and competition specifications and features. A moon clip is a ring-shaped or star-shaped piece of metal designed to hold multiple cartridges together as a unit for simultaneous insertion and extraction from a revolver cylinder.

Smith & Wesson Model 642 For Sale

Smith & Wesson Model 642 Price History

A Smith & Wesson Model 642 is currently worth $443.96 new and $409.76 used. The price is based on 136 sold items.
Price Description Condition Date Sold
$363.00 Smith & Wesson Model 642-2 Airweight - .38 SPL S&W 642 w/ OG Case Used 8/15/2022
$506.11 .38 Spl. Smith & Wesson / S&W EARLY SCARCE Model 642 Airweight Special 2" Snub BOXED Used 8/15/2022
$349.99 .38 Special +P Smith & Wesson / S&W Model 642 Airweight special Used 8/13/2022
$360.00 .38 Spl. Smith & Wesson / S&W Model 642 Revolver 38 SPECIAL 2" 5RD Stainless 163810 NR 022188638103 2 inch " barrel New 7/28/2022
$459.00 .38 Special Smith & Wesson 38 Spl+P Model 642 Airweight 1.8" New (163810) New 7/27/2022
$479.00 .38 Special SMITH & WESSON INC Smith Wesson Performance Center Pro Model 642 38 S&W+P 1.88" NEW (178042) SW 178042 New 7/21/2022

Smith & Wesson Model 642 Specs

Brand Category MSRP UPC Caliber Action Capacity Barrel Length Finish Weight Length Sight Type Grip
Smith & Wesson Pistols & Revolvers $332.38 - $599.99 022188780420
.38 Special
38 Special
.38 Smith & Wesson
.38 Special +P
Double Action Only
Double Action
5 rounds
15+1 rounds
17+1 rounds
5 rounds rounds
1.87" inches
2.12" inches
4.9" inches
1 7/8" inches
3.4" inches
19.25" inches
Matte Silver
Stainless Steel
Green Aluminum Alloy
14.4. oz
15. oz
40 oz
15 oz
130 oz
14.6 oz
15.4. oz
115.5 oz
16.8 oz
1 7/8"
Night Sights
Adjustable Rear, Ft: Gold Bead Ramp

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User Ratings
Randy C
Rating: 100%

I purchased this gun from Bud’s due to the incredibly low price. I was a little skeptical at first, but after reading some reviews and doing some research, I decided to go ahead and buy it. I am so glad that I did! It's a Smith & Wesson Model 642 and it's perfect for my needs.

December 23, 2021

Lisa S
Rating: 100%

I bought this guns about 2 weeks ago for my wife . is Smith & Wesson Model 642. I was looking for a small, lightweight revolver that would be easy to conceal and she could use to protect herself if needed. I found the perfect one with this gun.

February 10, 2021

Nathan B
Rating: 100%

I love my Smith & Wesson Model 642. I've had it for over a year now and it's been a great gun. It's accurate, reliable, and has never jammed on me. I would recommend this gun to anyone looking for a good revolver!

February 12, 2021

William L
Rating: 100%

I've been a customer of Bud's for years and I always get great service. The last time I ordered, I had a question about the S&am model 642 and they were able to answer my question right away. They are really knowledgeable about their products and it was nice to have someone who knew what they were talking about.

February 26, 2022

Herbert S
Rating: 100%

I was looking for a gun that I could use at the range and carry with me on my person. I needed something that was light, easy to use, and had a good trigger pull. This gun is perfect for what I need it for. It's not too heavy and the trigger pull is smooth.

January 15, 2022

Juan D
Rating: 80%

I was looking for a gun to replace my Taurus of the same size and found this Smith & Wesson Model 642. I am so glad I did! It's so much lighter and easier to handle. The trigger is also much smoother than my old one. I am really happy with this purchase!

January 17, 2021

Dalton J
Rating: 100%

I bought this gun light for my Smith & Wesson Model 642 and it's been a great purchase. The light is small and easy to carry, but still provides enough illumination to see what you're shooting at. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a good gun light that won't break the bank.

January 21, 2022

Michael H
Rating: 100%

I love my new Smith & Wesson Model 642. I've been shooting for a few months now and I'm getting better every day. The more I shoot it, the more accurate I am. It's a great gun for beginners like me!

January 24, 2022

Michael W
Rating: 100%

I was looking for a gun and I wanted to buy Smith & Wesson Model 642. I looked around and found this website. They had the best price and the shipping was super fast. I am very happy with my purchase, thank you!

July 16, 2021

Joshua P
Rating: 100%

I shopped for this gun for a long time. I checked is Smith & Wesson Model 642. I went to a lot of stores and looked at many different guns before deciding on this one. It's the perfect size, weight, and caliber for me. The price was also right in my budget range. I'm really happy with my purchase!

June 1, 2022

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