Marlin XT-17SR

Marlin XT-17SR
The Marlin XT-17SR is a versatile tool that is perfect for taking down varmints. It is chambered in 17HMR and can shoot a polymer-tipped bullet at 2,500+ feet per second with a laser-flat trajectory. The XT Pro-Fire adjustable trigger produces an extremely consistent trigger pull with an ultra-clean break. Included are 4 and 7-shot clip magazines. The rugged black synthetic stock comes with sling swivel studs. The receiver is drilled, tapped and grooved for you choice of convenient scope mounting options. The barrel is a 22" Stainless sporter with adjustable semi-buckhorn rear sight, and ramp front sights with cutaway hood.

Marlin XT-17SR Specs

Brand Category MSRP UPC Caliber Action Capacity
Marlin Rifles $188.18 026495707033 .17 HMR Bolt Action 7+1 rounds

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Jason D
Rating: 80%

I was looking for a good deal on a new rifle and I found this one. The price was right and the reviews were good so I decided to buy it. The only problem is that the Marlin XT-17SR doesn't come with a scope, which is what I wanted.

September 24, 2021

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