Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM

Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM
The M1A SOCOM from Springfield Armory is a semi-automatic rifle that fires the .308 Winchester caliber. It has a 10+1 capacity and a 16.25 inch barrel length.

Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM Price History

A Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM is currently worth $1,858.75 new and $1,528.32 used. The price is based on 318 sold items.
Price Description Condition Date Sold
$1,500.00 .308 Win. Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM 16 308 308win 16.5" 20-Round w/ Scope & Mount Used 8/16/2022
$1,855.00 .308 Win. Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM 16 Tanker Win 706397926748 New 8/16/2022
$1,860.00 .308 NATO Springfield Armory PENNY! SPRINGFIELD M1A SOCOM 16, .308, W/ 16.25" BARREL, VERY NICE!!! Used 8/15/2022
$1,599.00 .308 NATO Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM 16 16" 10 Rnd Mag w/ Sling 706397852665 AA9626 inch " barrel New 8/14/2022
$1,552.00 .308 NATO Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM 16 .308Win 16" NoCCFees inch " barrel Used 8/13/2022
$1,899.99 308 WIN SPRINGFIELD ARMORY .308 M1A SOCOM RIFLE, MULTICAM BLACK 706397917449 New 8/12/2022

Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM Specs

Brand Category MSRP UPC Caliber Action Capacity Barrel Length Finish Length
Springfield Armory Rifles $1085.83 - $2422.00 706397900427
.308 Winchester Semi-Automatic 10+1 rounds 16.25" inches Blue
35.5" - 38.5"
37 1/4"

Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM Ratings

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User Ratings
Brooke C
Rating: 100%

I bought this for my husband as a Christmas present and he absolutely loves it! I was surprised that it was Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM. I had no idea they made guns.

April 9, 2022

Arthur S
Rating: 100%

I am a huge fan of the SOCOM series. I have been using them for years and they are my go-to rifle. When I heard that Springfield Armory was releasing a new version, I was excited to see what they had come up with.

August 17, 2021

Mark G
Rating: 100%

I've been looking for a new gun for a while now and I finally found the one. The Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM is perfect for me. It's lightweight, shoots great, and has a lot of features that I love. Plus it's made in the USA which is really important to me.

February 1, 2022

Tyler A
Rating: 100%

I just received my Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM and I am very happy with the purchase. The gun arrived in a good looking box, with a cleaning kit and two magazines. The gun itself is very well made and has a great feel to it. I love the way it feels in my hands, and it's perfect for hunting or target shooting.

February 20, 2021

Jacob B
Rating: 100%

I am a proud owner of the Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM. I have had it for over 10 years and it has never let me down. I removed the picatinny rail and replaced it with a scope mount so that I can use my rifle for hunting, too. It's perfect for any situation!

July 16, 2021

David M
Rating: 100%

I've been a Springfield Armory fan for years and I love their products. The M1A SOCOM is no exception. It's a great rifle for any occasion and it's easy to use. I would highly recommend this gun to anyone looking for a reliable weapon that will last them a lifetime.

November 21, 2020

Joel P
Rating: 73%

I have been using the Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM for a few months now and I am really impressed. It's a great rifle with a lot of power and accuracy. The only thing that I don't like about it is that it's heavy, but you can't have everything!

November 23, 2021

Justin S
Rating: 100%

I've been hunting for a long time and I finally found the perfect rifle. I was looking for something that was accurate, reliable, and had a good trigger. This rifle has all three of those things. The sights were right on target out of the box and it's been shooting like a dream ever since.

November 29, 2020

Alex W
Rating: 100%

I have been looking for a rifle that I can use for hunting, shooting competitions, and home defense. After doing my research and reading reviews on the Springfield M1A SOCOM 16, I decided to buy it. It's a great rifle that is built to last. I've had it for over a year now and it has never let me down.

October 8, 2021

Robert D
Rating: 100%

I've been using this rifle for over a year now and I have to say it's the best rifle I've ever used. It's accurate, powerful, and just an all-around beast. The only downside is that it's heavy but that's not really a problem for me because I'm in shape.

September 13, 2021

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