Winchester Model 1885 Tradional Sporter

Winchester Model 1885 Tradional Sporter
The Winchester Model 1885 Single-Shot Rifle is a classic firearm that is perfect for anyone interested in the history of the American West. The rifle features a strong receiver made of machined steel, a crisp and adjustable trigger, and a simple, reliable, and accurate falling block design. With its proud sense of history, the Model 1885 is a must-have for any gun enthusiast.

Winchester Model 1885 Tradional Sporter Specs

Brand Category MSRP UPC Caliber Action Capacity Barrel Length Finish Weight Length Sight Type
Winchester Rifles $837.20 - $937.30 048702119934 7x57mm Mauser Single Shot 17+1 rounds 26" inches Black
40 oz 26" Tangent Rear, Adjustable for Windage & Elevation

Winchester Model 1885 Tradional Sporter Ratings

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Kevin S
Rating: 100%

I bought this gun a few months ago and I am very happy with it. It's a great rifle for hunting, target shooting, and plinking. The accuracy is excellent and the recoil is manageable. I have been using it for about 500 rounds so far without any issues.

January 15, 2021

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