Winchester Model 1894

Winchester Model 1894
The 1894 Oliver F. Winchester Custom Grade has a 24" half round, half octagon barrel with a deep blue finish. The rear sight is a buckhorn style, and the front sight is a gold bead from Marble's. The Custom grade model has a Grade IV/V walnut stock with a rich, high gloss finish to enhance the wood grain. Deep scroll engraving covers both sides of the receiver. The 1894 Oliver F. Winchester High Grade is deeply embellished with delicate scroll work, with Oliver F. Winchester's signature in gold on top of the bolt. The left side of the receiver bears an early Winchester Repeating Arms crest. On the right side are the words, "Two Hundred Years, Oliver F. Winchester" and the dates "1810-2010". The fancy Grade II/III walnut stock is enhanced with a high gloss finish and is delicately checkered. This model is also chambered in the timeless 30-30 Win. caliber, with deeply blued half round, half octagon barrel. A buckhorn rear sight is fitted with a Marble's gold bead front sight.

Winchester Model 1894 Price History

A Winchester Model 1894 is currently worth $1,461.66 new and $1,009.56 used. The price is based on 319 sold items.
Price Description Condition Date Sold
$930.78 94 Carbine Winchester Model 1894 .30-30 WCF 1954 C&R Eligible Used 8/15/2022
$980.75 .32 Win. Spl. Winchester Model 1894 Win 20"-barrel lever action rifle, No Reserve 20 inch " barrel Used 8/15/2022
$1,000.00 .30-30 Winchester Model 1894 .30 WCF 26” Octagon Half Magazine 1910 C&R Used 8/14/2022
$2,500.00 .32 Win. Spl. Winchester Highly collectable win model 1894 32win special rare octagon barrel 20 inch " Used 8/13/2022
$1,400.00 .30-30 WINCHESTER MODEL 1894 30/30 20 inch " barrel New 8/12/2022
$900.00 .25-35 Winchester 25-35 Model 1894 Serial # 40006 “Turkey Hunting Rifle” 26 inch " barrel Used 8/11/2022

Winchester Model 1894 Specs

Brand Category MSRP UPC Caliber Action Capacity Finish Weight
Winchester Rifles $1007.48 - $1117.21 048702117794 .25-35 Winchester
.30-30 Winchester
Lever Action 8 rounds
8+1 rounds
Blue 8 oz
40 oz

Winchester Model 1894 Ratings

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User Ratings
Benjamin W
Rating: 100%

I've had this '94 for two weeks now and full is Winchester Model 1894. It's a great rifle, but I'm not sure if I can recommend it to anyone. The gun is heavy and hard to maneuver in tight spaces. It also takes a lot of time to reload, which can be dangerous in the middle of a firefight.

April 30, 2022

Joshua R
Rating: 100%

I have my Great Grandfather's Model 94 that was made in 1895. It is a Winchester Model 1894. I love it because it is the first gun I ever shot and it has sentimental value to me.

December 23, 2021

Megan S
Rating: 100%

I have been looking for a Winchester Model 1894 for a while now and I finally found one. The picture does not do it justice! It's in great condition and has a beautiful finish. I am so happy to have this rifle in my collection.

January 4, 2021

Joshua W
Rating: 100%

I've been looking for a rifle for a while now and I'm glad I found this one. It's got a great look to it, the picture doesn't do it justice. The only downside is that the scope is not included with the purchase.

March 2, 2021

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