Beretta DT11 Sporting Black

The Beretta DT11 is a top-of-the-line competition shotgun, used by the world\u2019s absolute best clay shooters. It is built around a vault-tough cross-bolt action, 3mm wider than its predecessor\u2019s (the DT10) for strength and durability. The trigger has a truly custom feel, breaking at a crisp 3 \u00bd lbs\u2013which minimizes muscular interference with your swing and results in many more broken targets. The center-mass of the DT11 is designed to be low and coaxial with the bottom barrel, giving this shotgun unmatched stability and greatly reducing muzzle rise. And with its premium-grade Steelium-Pro barrels, Beretta Optimachoke Tubes and high-grade stock that can be tailored to the customer\u2019s specifications, the DT11 was born and bred to keep the serious competitor on target and on the podium.

Beretta DT11 Sporting Black Price History

Price Description Condition Date Sold
$5,850.00 DT11 Sporting Beretta DT-11 Black Edition 32 inch " barrel Used 7/5/2022
$10,900.00 12 Gauge Beretta DT-11 Black Sporting Shotgun | 12GA 30” SN# : DT19633W JDT1P10B New 4/6/2022
$11,200.00 12 Gauge Beretta DT-11 Black Sporting Shotgun w/B-Fast| 12GA 30” | SN# : DT19617W JDT1B10B New 4/6/2022
$10,900.00 12 Gauge Beretta DT11 Black Edition Sporting 12g 30" SN:#DT16567W~~In Our Sarasota Store~~ New 3/15/2022

Beretta DT11 Sporting Black Specs

Brand Category MSRP Caliber Capacity Finish Weight Sight Type
Beretta Shotguns $8015.00 9x19mm Parabellum 2 rounds Black 40 oz Night Sights

Beretta DT11 Sporting Black Variants

Beretta DT11 Sporting Black JDT1P10B

9x19mm Parabellum / 2 rounds

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