Interstate Arms Model 87W Lever Action

The original John Browning 1887 lever action shotgun was designed for black powder. Later it was re-designed for smokeless powder but was only available in 10 gauge. In order to faithfully reproduce this classic, IAC engineers had to incorporate the improvements from the 10 gauge gun into the earlier 12 gauge frame. Rockwell testing for strength and durability confirmed our success. Also, the 1887 design needed a faster loading system in order to compete with the fast shooting pumps and doubles that the modern cowboy shooters were using. Well known cowboy shooter and gunsmith, Marty Alhman was sent to China and successfully designed a system that allowed the IAC Model 87W to load and fire two shots in as little as three seconds. Available in 12 gauge with a 20″ barrel, this classic features a fast two-shot loading system and a split lever that is beautifully wrapped in leather.

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