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Holosun SCRS Hands-On Review: Never Change A Battery Again? preview image
Aug 31 2023
7 min read

Holosun SCRS Hands-On Review: Never Change A Battery Again?

Holosun SCRSHolosun SCRS


With so many new firearms and accessories being announced and introduced at SHOT Show every year, it can be challenging to remember them all when you return home after a few days in Vegas.

One product that I definitely didn’t forget checking out though, was the Holosun SCRS MRS (Solar Charging Rifle Sight, Multi-Reticle System).

After several months of waiting and checking for updates on the release, I finally got my hands on one a few weeks back. Holosun was nice enough to send one out to review, but let’s be honest, I would have bought one anyway.

Holosun SCRS Hands-On Review mounted on smith wesson volunteer xv pro
The (+) and (-) buttons are close together on the side of the SCRS, making it very easy to manipulate for right-handed shooters.

Holosun SCRS Review

Holosun SCRS


Reticle2 MOA Dot, 65 MOA Circle or combination
Reticle ColorGreen (also available in red)
Magnification 1x
Brightness Settings12 (four of which are night vision compatible)
Power SourceSolar & Battery
Battery TypeInternal Rechargeable Battery
Battery Life (Hours)Unlimited!
Dimension1.7 x 1.35 x 1.6 inches
Weight2.45 ounces
Housing Material 7075 T6 Aluminum

Pros & Cons

Some of the cons stem from the pros of the SCRS being so compact.

  • Unlimited battery life
  • Ability to change between reticles (dot/circle)
  • 12 brightness settings – four of which are night vision compatible
  • Durable – 7075 T6 housing and IP67 rated
  • Parallax-free & unlimited eye relief
  • Compact and lightweight
  • No quick-detach mount
  • Buttons can be hard to press in a hurry
  • Looks dainty/fragile on a 16” AR-15 (but looks don’t matter if it performs!)

First Impressions & Range Time

I knew the SCRS would be small, but opening the box still surprised me. It’s hard to imagine all that technology in such a small package.

Also, in the box, you’ll find a lower ⅓ co-witness mount, a rubber lens cover, lens cloth, and Holosun’s little multitool.

Holosun SCRS Hands-On Review and range test
Thankfully, the SCRS comes with an included ⅓ co-witness mount.

I wasted no time mounting the SCRS to my Smith and Wesson M&P Volunteer XV Pro and heading to the range. With the brightness set in the middle, the illumination level was great for indoor shooting at the range. Those 25-yard targets had no chance! Big shock, right?

Taking it outside, I had to increase the brightness quite a bit naturally, but the reticle remained crisp and defined. Within 100 yards, depending on how well you shoot, 12” gongs or similar are no problem.

Pairing it with a magnifier will easily allow you to push out well over 100 yards; I just didn’t have the range that allowed over for it.

Holosun SCRS Hands-On Review green dot
Even in sunny conditions, I didn’t need to max the brightness out.

Since I’ve only had the optic for a little while, it’s only seen a couple hundred rounds on my AR, but it has remained zeroed, and I’ve had no issues to note.


Solar Charging System

With the term “solar charging” in the name of the optic, this one is obvious. While many Holosun optics have Solar Failsafe and can supplement the battery life, the SCRS can actually be run entirely without a battery, given strong enough light to harness.

I believe I heard somewhere that you could leave the SCRS in your safe for almost 2.5 years, and it would only take about 50 hours in overcast lightning conditions to recharge. Sorry, I can’t say that I’ve tested that for you, so don’t quote me on that!

Holosun SCRS Hands-On Review solar panel charging
Small solar cells for a small optic. Technology sure has come a long way.

Multi-Reticle System (MRS)

Having astigmatism leaves most red dots looking like starbursts for me, so I love the option to choose which reticle I want to run.

With the SCRS MRS model, you can choose between a 2 MOA dot, a 65 MOA circle, or a combination. I almost always run the circle/dot combination and have found it ideal for both quick target acquisition and helping line up your shots further down range.

Holosun SCRS Hands-On Review green dot
I find green reticles to be the clearest and most defined.

If you know you only want a 2 MOA dot or a red reticle, there are other models to fit your preference and save you a few bucks at the same time.

Auto & Manual Brightness Control

If you want to save hassle, battery, or both, the SCRS can be switched into Auto Mode, which will change the reticle intensity based on the ambient lighting conditions. Conversely, you can run the optic in Manual Mode if you prefer to set reticle intensity yourself.

Holosun SCRS Hands-On Review close up
You can’t expect large buttons on such a small optic, but they do take a little bit of “looking” to manipulate in a hurry.

You can consider the Shake Awake feature part of the brightness control since without turning the optic on, you wouldn’t even have to worry about the intensity! By the time you raise your optic to look down range, it will be on and waiting for you. Shake Awake will also turn the optic off after a period of motionlessness, which you can set from 10 minutes to 12 hours.


Holosun HM3XT Magnifier

Holosun HM3XT Magnifier

To go hand-in-hand with the SCRS, the Holosun HM3XT is a solid option to pair it with.

This titanium-bodied 3x magnifier features a quick-release ambidextrous flip-to-side mount, is IP67-rated, and has a built-in adjustment tool. This is the way to go if you’re like me and like to have “matching” accessories.

Holosun SCRS mounted on smith wesson volunteer xv pro
The HM3XT is also compact as far as magnifiers are concerned.

Primary Arms SLx 3x Micro Magnifier

Primary Arms SLx 3x Micro Magnifier

Compact, lightweight, and still durable, the SLx 3x from Primary Arms is a solid budget option for a 3x magnifier.

I don’t believe it comes with different mounting options, so be sure to know which height mount you’ll want and grab one to go along with it.




Vortex also offers solar technology with the SPARC SOLAR to provide a battery life of up to 150,000 hours. It switches from solar to battery if the sun can’t power it and has motion activation.

The 2 MOA dot has 10 daytime settings and two night vision compatible settings, so you should be covered in almost any lighting scenario. Lastly, it’s covered by Vortex’s lifetime warranty, so you can rest easily for a long time.

Trijicon MRO

Trijicon MRO

If you’re looking for an optic that is 100% made in the USA, take a look at the Trijicon MRO (Miniature Rifle Optic). Your wallet will hurt more up front, but this optic should last you for the long haul. Its durability is definitely its main selling point (in my opinion), as it has a forged 7075 housing that is fully sealed to protect it against the elements.

It features a 2 MOA red dot, with eight illumination settings and a battery life of five years on setting five of eight. You’ll get multi-coated lenses for virtually zero distortion, and it’s backed by a limited lifetime warranty.


It’s hard for me not to sound like a Holosun fanboy when I say that Holosun absolutely knocked it out of the park with the SCRS. The fact that you get solar charging and multiple reticle options in such a lightweight and compact optic is awesome. Then, to only have an MRSP of $352.93, which we all know you can usually find most accessories under MSRP, is just icing on the cake.

If you’re looking for a new rifle or shotgun optic with innovative features that won’t break the bank, I highly suggest you take a look at the Holosun SCRS MRS.

Written by Ryan Domke
Ryan Domke photo Ryan Domke is a freelance writer, photographer, and social media consultant with a passion for guns and tactical gear. He works with some of the largest manufacturers in the firearms industry, allowing him the opportunity to continuously learn from and knowledge share with the 2A community. Ryan has contributed his writing expertise to numerous reputable publications, including, Cheaper Than Dirt, Springfield Armory's 'The Armory Life,' Smith & Wesson's 'The S&W Bench', and The Mag Shack. When he’s not spending time with his family, you’ll likely find him at the range or starting a new DIY project.


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