Liberty Safe Controversy: What You Should Know
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Liberty Safe Controversy: What You Should Know
Brian Zerbian Last Updated 8th September,2023


Here’s what you need to know about the Liberty Safe debacle. And why you should never give them your money again.

Here’s a backstory.

On August 30, 2023, the FBI and ATF raided the house of Nathan Hughes, an Arkansas man at the Capitol Riot on January 6, 2021. Hughes and his girlfriend, who recently suffered from a miscarriage, were arrested at gunpoint.

They were raided by seven to eight cars filled with feds. It’s nice to know where our money is going, aside from Ukraine.

While in custody, the alphabet boys did what they did best. They trashed Nathan’s house in search of any evidence they could find.

At some point, one of the Fed boys called “Liberty” Safe, saying they had a warrant and needed to get inside the safe immediately.

Instead of telling the Feds to kick rocks, “Liberty” quickly obliged after receiving proof of said warrant and handed over a master code that contained the combination to Nathan’s safe.

I will get you up to speed and let you know how the 2A community is responding, how I feel, and what “Liberty” is doing to save face.

How Liberty Safe Responded

After committing such an atrocity against the 2nd Amendment Community, here is what the turncoat company had to say.

liberty safe response 1
Here’s the first post that was put out by the cowards—courtesy of the Liberty Safe Instagram Page.

Mind you, Apple, the tech company, told the feds to go eat a frank after they got a warrant from a federal judge to unlock one of the San Bernardino shooter’s phones. That’s a tech company. They have nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment community.

Here’s another statement from the company.

liberty safe response 2 part 1
Courtesy of the Liberty Safe Instagram Page.

Dedicated to safeguarding their customers’ rights and privacy, they keep a master code so that the safes can be accessed at any time. And then willingly gave the code to a three-letter agency.

Imagine that.

If you own a safe, it is up to you and you alone to ensure you don’t forget the combination.

liberty safe response 2 part 2
Courtesy of the Liberty Safe Instagram Page.

For all we know, after the consumer demands that their safe combination be removed, “Liberty” can reach out to their new friends at the FBI and let them know who they need to watch out for. If I sound paranoid, it’s because I am.

But wait, there’s more!

liberty safe response 2 part 3
Courtesy of the Liberty Safe Instagram page.

With their new privacy policy, “Liberty” Safe will now require a subpoena that legally forces them to give up a code that is still in their database. They should just delete them all, or never had them in the first place. Again, it’s up to the consumer to remember their passcode if they can’t, go to a locksmith.

There is no apology here, just a reminder of their mission and a reminder that they will work with law enforcement again if they “have to.”

Turncoats. Redcoats. Call them what you will, unless it’s something nice, I’m all for it.

2A Community’s Response

Do you remember when the internet was on fire after learning that Benchmade was cutting up seized firearms for local law enforcement so they could later be destroyed? Or that Benchmade donated money to anti-gun Democrats? Or that they were letting LE use their machines for disposing of firearms?

It’s the same thing here. The only difference is this situation is fresh. Still, if you’re upset about “Liberty,” then you should also be upset about Benchmade. Blacklist them both.


One peep at the “Liberty” Safe Instagram page, and you will see a myriad of shooters unleashing seven hells in the comments. Well, within the community guidelines of Instagram, of course.

Shooters are calling the company the new Bud-Light and saying that “Liberty” must be made an example of. I agree. If we let them slip through the cracks, we are no better than them.

“Liberty” is getting more comments and likes on their posts than ever before, and 99% of them are from customers and would-be customers, reminding them that they will never be able to live this down.

Many shooters have even warned the employees of “Liberty” Safe to seek gainful employment elsewhere since this incident will most likely tank the company (if we do what we have to on our end). Shooters are also voicing that they will not be buying from the company.

Few folks are defending “Liberty,” saying that they had to comply and that the bigger enemy is the government (I also agree) and their unjust actions.

There are mixed feelings, but most shooters feel the same. “Liberty” Safe is not a company that we can trust again, and they must be made an example for other companies in the industry to understand that we will not tolerate anyone helping the government against us – especially these days.

Even if the agency has a warrant, which they did, there is no obligation for “Liberty” to give out this information. Read into the key disclosure law for more information, very similar to the Apple situation from years ago.

Why Are Shooters Comparing “Liberty” Safe To Bud-Light?

liberty safe bud light meme

It may seem odd that folks are comparing safes to beer. Still, it’s mostly in part to Bud-Light “going woke and going broke” after Anheuser Busch sent a transgender social media influencer a case of beer.

Dylan is his name. It’s a dude. He used the beers to celebrate his “first year of womanhood” and March Madness. That prompted many Conservatives to boycott the company.

Wokism is what it is. And many feel like Bud-Light went against their beliefs.

I personally don’t dabble in what people want to do with their bodies. Do what you want. Just let me do what I want. “Liberty and Justice for All,” remember?

I’d actually go as far as saying that “Liberty” Safe is far worse than Bud-Light. Anheuser Busch sent out some beer, “Liberty” Safe worked with the government and committed treason against their consumer.

Here’s What I Think

Did you know that Liberty Safe is owned by Monomoy Capital Partners? A liberal East Coast investment firm that donated approximately $400,000 to gun-grabbing politicians like Raphael Warnock, John Fetterwoman, and Mandela Barnes.

Justin Hillenbrand, a founding member of Monomoy and CEO of “Liberty” Safe, even donated thousands of his own dollars to Obama For America. Are we to be surprised that they gave the community up that easily?

Here’s the thing: I hate the Feds. I hate that they wear an American Flag while being nothing more than a modernized Gestapo. I feel like all of the three-letter agencies should be abolished.

A company that works with the feds against the American Citizen is an enemy of every shooter out there. As you can see, every time I mentioned “Liberty” Safes, I put quotation marks around the name because there is no “Liberty” in bending over and laying down for the FBI.

I think “Liberty” Safe should be shunned, blacklisted, boycotted, and ostracized by every shooter who claims to be a patriot. If you are not infuriated by “Liberty” Safe’s actions, I’m sorry to tell you, but you are no patriot. Nose against the wall.

They should be made an example of, which would be a warning to any manufacturer in the industry. We will not do business with turncoats. And we will force them into bankruptcy by fighting with our wallets and voices.

They are no better than the people they bend over for.

They are rats, and Ray Liotta said it best in Goodfellas when he said, “There is nothing worse than a rat.” As a New Jerseyan, I agree.

If Apple, a company that is mainly Democratic, could tell the fed boys to kick rocks, then a company “dedicated to protecting what matters most to their customers” should have told the FBI to take a long walk off a short cliff.

Apple cares more about your privacy than “Liberty” Safe.

Their haphazard response shows how out of touch with the community “Liberty” Safe is. We don’t want a BS response on how they will remove the master code from their database for customers who request it. We don’t care how many negligent owners forget their combo.

After the safe is sold, the company should have no way of getting into the safe. Point blank.

When you buy a safe, you buy it to secure items you don’t want anyone else to get their hands on, whether it be money, gold, guns, or precious memories of your family. Or evidence that could land you in deep trouble with the Gestapo.

Let them destroy the safe and the contents inside if they want in so badly. They’re going to ransack your house anyway. What’s one more thing to clean up?

scary world gun gif
This is only the beginning; fine shooter.


As a community, we must stand together and let these companies know their fate if they work for the government. They must understand that it is unacceptable and that we will use our resources to drive them into the ground.

It’s up to the true patriots to stand up. If we don’t, companies like “Liberty” and Benchmade will continue to give us up and work with the government without repercussions.

I’m asking you, from one shooter and patriot to another, to drive these companies into the dirt. And to close your wallets to any company that breaks our trust.

I don’t care if they face legal repercussions. Don’t rat on your fellow patriot. Die for what you believe in or give up your rifle to someone who will and go draw out the sniper.

This is my opinion. It may be extreme, and you may also disagree. And that’s fine. Just stand up for what you believe in. It’s you and me against them. What say you?

Be good and take care.