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Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey Review: Hands-On + Photos [2023] preview image
Aug 03 2023
11 min read

Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey Review: Hands-On + Photos [2023]

mossberg 940 pro turkeyMossberg 940 Pro

Mossberg’s 940 Pro series has become massively popular in the last few years, with numerous models hitting gun stores across the country. Today we are conducting a Mossberg 940 Pro review. 

Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey review

I’m a colossal shotgun nerd, and I’ve followed the 940 Pro’s success and various models since their original inception. I am a big fan and owner of the 930 series of shotguns, and when Mossberg said the 940 would be an immediate improvement, my ears perked up. Mossberg happily provided a 940 Pro-Turkey for this review, and I’ve been greedily dropping various loads through the gun over and over. 

While Mossberg provided the gun as a loaner, they do not have any editorial say and have never expressed any interest in altering my opinions or thoughts on the firearms. I have no direct interest in this shotgun’s success other than being a shotgun fan and hoping it fixes the flaws of the 930 series. 

The 940 Pro Turkey – The Next Best Shotgun? 

Mossberg 940 Pro review

The Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey sounds and looks like a field gun, but the short barrel and lightweight make it perfectly acceptable for several tasks. At the same time, Turkey is the name that doesn’t mean it’s not a great home defense firearm or a deer hunting gun. The Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey dominates as a semi-auto shotgun and fixes the problems shooters had with the 930 series of shotguns. The 940 Pro series might take the cake as the best production semi-auto shotgun on the market. 

Mossberg 940 Pro Review

Mossberg 940 Pro For Sale

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Today we’ll dive inside the Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey series shotgun. You’ll quickly see why it’s not just a Turkey gun and why it’s a versatile option for a variety of shotgun tasks. We’ll examine the improvements Mossberg made on the 940 series over the 930 series in-depth. 

We will also take this shotgun to the range and run a wide variety of loads through the firearm to see just how reliable it can be. We’ll explore the weapon’s ergonomics, practice reloads, and take advantage of the modern design of the 940 Pro Turkey. 

So get ready to dig into the Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey and the 940 Pro series as a whole. That series encapsulates several different firearms that cover tasks like self-defense, snow goose hunting, 3-gun, and beyond. Keep reading, and by the end, you’ll know whether or not the 940 Pro is for you. 


Barrel Length18.5 inches
Overall Length39.25 inches
Length of Pull13 to 14.25 inches
Weight 7.25 pounds
Caliber 12 Gauge 3 inch chamber
Capacity 4+1 
MSRP  $1,154.00

Pros and Cons of the Mossberg 940 Pro

  • Reliable
  • Awesome Ergonomics
  • Excellent Controls
  • Red Dot Ready
  • Costs over $1,000 
Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey Controls
Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey Controls

What’s So Turkey About It? 

What makes a shotgun a Turkey gun? First, the retro-style Mossy Oak finish not only looks good but provides a little camo to defeat the sharp eyes of a turkey. The 940 Pro Turkey features an X-Factor XX-Full Turkey choke that works to take your high-density turkey load and make it extremely tight as it exits the shotgun. 

Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey Choke
Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey Choke

This semi-automatic shotgun has a high visibility green front sight for quick and easy target acquisition. At the rear of the receiver sits a red dot cut to fit red dots with the Shield RSMc footprint. Turkey hunters love red dots, and being able to mount one low enough to co-witness is a nice touch. 

Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey Optics Mount
Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey Optics Mount

A 12 gauge, semi-auto shotgun also allows for fast follow-up shots, and the semi-auto design helps cut some of the recoil associated with 3-inch magnum turkey rounds. Mossberg even ensured it’s sling ready. It even comes with a simple two-point sling. Out of the box, it is prepared for your next spring gobbler season or nightstand duty as a defensive shotgun. 

Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey Front Sight
Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey Front Sight

Breaking Down the Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey 


How does the Mossberg 940 Pro run? Like a typewriter! It chugs along without complaint and throws lead with insane reliability. The weapon’s adjustable and enhanced ergonomics make it easy to wield, and the sights are dead on. The Mossberg 940 shotguns are presenting some real competition to the Beretta 1301 and even the Benelli M4. 

The Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey brings you a platform that handles exceptionally well. The gas-operated system can handle both heavy and light loads. While the included hockey is best used with turkey loads, the choke can be removed and replaced to work with other loads to accomplish various tasks. 


One of the most significant improvements from the 930 series is the enhanced ergonomics. Mossberg gave the gun a total facelift. First, they enhanced and enlarged the external controls. We have a bigger charging handle, a more prominent bolt release button, and the same excellent Mossberg safety, but now it’s heavily textured. 

Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey Safety
Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey Safety

On top of that, the stock is adjustable for the length of pull. You can insert spacers in the stock to grow the LOP from 13 inches to 14.25 inches and dial in the length of pull. This is an incredible feature on a shotgun. People aren’t built the same, and as we’ve seen adjustable AR stocks rise to dominate the market, it only makes sense for shotgun companies to recognize that. 

Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey Stock LOP Inserts
Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey Stock LOP Inserts

Mossberg also slimmed down the handguard to make it more ergonomic and friendlier for smaller handed shooters. Mossberg wisely kept the heavily textured front end of the gun which makes it much easier to grip and provides excellent traction. At only 7.25 pounds, the weapon doesn’t break your back and can be held up for an extended period of time without issue. 


Reloading isn’t easy with a shotgun, and every little bit helps. One of the significant downsides to the Mossberg 930 series is that the gun pinches the hell out of your thumb when you reload if you aren’t careful. Mossberg fixed that, and I can throw shells into this gun so dang fast, and I never get pinched reloading the weapon. 

The loading port is also more generous in size and allows for easier and faster reloads. I don’t have a need to quad load this thing, but that’s what the loading port is designed for. Fast reloads are always appreciated with guns that have relatively low capacity. 

Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey Loading Port
Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey Loading Port

The 21st Century Shotgun 

Mossberg clearly saw the writing on the wall and realized shotguns need to be accommodating to more modern accessories and features. Implementing a red dot cut was a brilliant move and needs to be a standard for modern shotguns. The implementation is clever, and the ability to use mini red dots reduces bulk and places it in a brilliant location. 

Mossberg still drilled and tapped the top of the receiver so you can add a rail and red dot of choice. You can also mount a magnified optic if you convert it to a slug gun. However, the placement of the cut keeps it behind the top of the receiver. Why is this important? 

From a tactical perspective, you may need to commit an emergency reload. This means loading through the ejection port and dropping the bolt. An optic quickly gets in the way of these reloads, but positioning one behind the ejection port eliminates this issue. I think it is an excellent addition to your shotgun, but you don’t need it to succeed. 

The micro red dot co-witnesses perfectly with the front sight, so if the battery dies or somehow the optic breaks, you won’t miss your shot because that big green sight is easy to see. If red dots aren’t your bag, that big front sight provides a remarkable and highly visible iron sight. The sight sits on a rib that ensures the point of aim and point of impact are always dead on. I can put buckshot and turkey loads exactly where I want them. 

The 940 Pro At the Range 

Mossberg redesigned the gas system to increase the reliability of the gun. That same gas system now implements a stepped and vented spacer component to keep the system running fast and to shed carbon build-up as the gun cycles. Altogether, the gas system evolved forward and has become a system that’s tough to beat. 

I took it to task and brought out the cheapest, dirtiest ammo I could find, and started lighting it off over and over. I lit off cheap birdshot by the caseload. I followed it with cheap buckshot and a little of the good stuff. Not only did the weapon malfunction or fail. 

I even used the short 2.5-inch shells, which cycled fine in the gun. This gun doesn’t cycle 1.75 or 2-inch shells, but it’s impressive that it cycles 2.5-inch shells. Standard 2.75-inch shells don’t present a single issue to the gun. 

I loaded up some expensive, hard-hitting, 3-inch turkey loads and let loose with it. Sure, the recoil is more stout than cheap birdshot, but the 940 Pro eats it up. The gas-operated design does a great job at reducing recoil and making the weapon more controllable. 

The ability to adjust the stock for length of pull is vital and makes it much easier to control the weapon. Pair that with the textured front end, and you have a very easy-to-manage platform. Tossing out rapid-fire double taps is super easy, and you can drop two rounds of buckshot on two targets in less than 1.5 seconds at 10 yards. That’s screaming fast, at least for me and my skill level. 

The Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey – Own It 

The Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey shotgun is becoming a dominant force in the American market. It’s incredible what Mossberg has done to present a vastly improved and modernized shotgun. It might quickly become the new standard for hunting, competition, and tactical shotguns


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Holosun 507K 

That optic cut deserves the best micro-optic on the market. What makes the 507K perfect for shotguns is the multiple reticle system. The 32 MOA reticle, in particular, is perfect for patterning your load into so you know where it hits at various ranges. It’s also super tough, designed to last, and perfect for shotguns. 

Blue Force Gear VCAS 

The cut little two-point Mossberg includes with the shotgun is nice, but the Vickers Combat Applications Sling is a superior option. It gives you a tough, tactical two-point with a quick-adjust tab to allow you to loosen the sling up and ratchet it down instantly. The VCAS is perfect for modern shotguns like the 940 Pro. 

VCS Detachable Side Ammunition Carrier Kit 

Carrying extra ammo on a shotgun is a must-have, and the VCS Detachable Ammunition Carrier kit is a brilliant solution to the problem. This hook and loop design mounts a carrier to the gun and then allows you to mount elastic cards to the carrier. When one is emptied, you can swap for another shotshell card and keep going. It’s an affordable and effective system for your shotgun. 


Beretta 1301

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The Beretta 1301 is widely recognized as the king of defensive shotguns and argues for the top spot with the Benelli M4. It’s a fast cycling and very lightweight shotgun that’s easy to use and very capable. It’s also a modern shotgun option that Beretta has painlessly tuned for reliability. 

Mossberg 930

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The Mossberg gives shooters a much more affordable semi-automatic option. It’s also a versatile weapon that often costs less than half of the standard 940 Pro model. The Mossberg 930 series doesn’t offer the same reliability or enhanced ergonomics but still provides a very robust and well-made shotgun at a great price point. 

Conclusion – The Best Shotgun of The Year? 

Mossberg 940 Pro review

We are halfway through the year, but it seems like the 940 Pro is the best shotgun of 2022. It’s a rock-solid design with some very modern features. The ergonomics are fantastic and provide everything shotgun owners have ever wanted. On top of that, you can mount a red dot directly to the gun! 

The 940 Pro Turkey eats up whatever you want to put through it and does so without complaint. It’s a rugged and reliable shotgun that eats whatever I’ve put through it. Plus, it doesn’t pinch me when I reload the dang thing. 

Check the Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey now if you want a good-looking, high-performing scattergun with modern flair and awesome ergos. 

Written by Travis Pike
Travis Pike photo Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine gunner who served with 2nd Bn 2nd Marines for 5 years. He deployed in 2009 to Afghanistan and again in 2011 with the 22nd MEU(SOC) during a record-setting 11 months at sea. He’s trained with the Romanian Army, the Spanish Marines, the Emirate Marines, and the Afghan National Army. He serves as an NRA-certified pistol instructor and teaches concealed carry classes.


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