Primary Arms GLx 10x42mm ED Binoculars Hands-on Review
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Primary Arms GLx 10x42mm ED Binoculars Hands-on Review
Ryan Domke Last Updated 8th December,2023
Primary Arms GLx 10x42mm ED BinocularsPrimary Arms GLx 10x42mm ED BinocularsCheck Price

Whether you’re a hunter, bird-watcher, sports fanatic, or a shooter needing to see his grouping downrange, a quality pair of binoculars can serve you well.

Primary Arms is not some new company trying to make a name for itself, but when it comes to the binoculars game, it’s one of the new kids on the block.

Earlier this year, Primary Arms released its SLx and GLx binoculars, which both provide impressive quality at affordable prices.

A pair of GLx binoculars with a distinctive grey finish, making them easy to locate
The grey finish helps to find the binoculars quickly.

The GLx model we’ll be reviewing today offers a few welcomed upgrades over the SLx model, such as improved glass quality,  a wider field of view (FOV), and some build quality features.

Let’s see how the GLx binoculars stack up in an already saturated market.

GLx binoculars showcasing a balanced design that optimizes both size and functionality
The GLx binoculars provide a nice balance of size and function.

We’d like to thank Primary Arms for sending these out for review. As always, we’ll remain honest in our review to provide you with the ammo needed to make your own informed decision(s).

Primary Arms GLx Binoculars Review

Primary Arms GLx Binoculars For Sale

Primary Arms GLx 10x42mm ED Binoculars


Objective Diameter 42mm
Eye Relief15.2mm
Field of View341 feet at 1,000 yards
LensesFully multi-coated
ConstructionMagnesium with rubber overmold
Prism TypeRoof
Length5.5 inches
Width5.0 inches
Height2.0 inches
Weight23.74 ounces
Image of the GLx binoculars box displaying key specifications like magnification, objective diameter, and field of view
A quick glimpse at some of the specifications provided on the box.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to adjust 
  • Great glass clarity and color definition
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Rubber overmold finish provides a superior grip 
  • Affordable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Minor edge distortion (to be expected but still worth noting)
  • I wish it came in different colors (just my personal preference)

Unboxing & First Impressions

You will find a soft case, padded lanyard, lens caps, and a cleaning cloth inside the box. Of course, the binoculars are in there too!

The GLx binoculars and accessories neatly arranged inside the provided soft carrying case
Everything came nicely tucked away inside of the included soft case.

I’m not a big lanyard fan myself, but it’s nice to have it included. Overall, there wasn’t anything missing in the box that I was expecting to find.

Especially at this price point, these included pieces are more than acceptable.

GLx binoculars equipped with protective lens covers for safe transport
It’s always nice to have lens covers when transporting your binoculars.

Picking up the binoculars for the first time, you can tell the build quality is good. They have a decent amount of heft, and the rubber coating feels great in hand.

The knurling on the adjustment knobs is aggressive without being irritating to the fingertips.

Close-up view of the GLx binoculars focusing on the detailed knurling on the adjustment knobs
A better look at the knurling on the adjustment knobs.

How We Tested

Since I’ve had these binoculars for just over a month, I’ve been able to use them quite a bit.

I’ve used them at the range, in the forest to spot and track animals (although I don’t hunt, tracking the animals as they scurried about proved to be a fun time), and even used them to assist in photographing parts of my house near the peak of the roof that I could not get a clear picture of with my phone alone.

GLx binoculars highlighting the rubber coating for a secure one-handed grip
The rubber coating provides a sufficient grip to hold the binoculars confidently one-handed.

With the temperature finally changing here in Nashville, I had the binoculars out with me during warmer and cooler temperatures and through dry and wet conditions. I didn’t notice any issue with fogging or water intrusion through any of my outings with them.


ED Glass & Multicoated Lenses

One of the most significant improvements the GLx binoculars have over the Slx binoculars is the ED (extra-low dispersion) glass.

This type of glass significantly reduces chromatic aberration, which is a color distortion around the edges/outline of an object. It can happen even more so when there is a large difference in contrast between the object and its background.

GLx binocular lens with a fingerprint, demonstrating clear visibility despite smudges
Don’t mind the fingerprint on the lens. I still saw clearly through it, regardless!

I can’t compare the GLx to the SLx, but I can attest that GLx has virtually zero chromatic aberration in almost every typical scenario.

I did intentionally try to find almost all-white objects against a darker background and saw a little bit, but not enough to even mention if I wasn’t being detailed for this review.

A bird perched near thorny branches, viewed through the GLx binoculars
Don’t worry – this bird was not stuck in the thorns, but it is a pretty gnarly tree.

Waterproof and Shockproof

I did not submit these to a “torture test” by any means, but I have found them to be durable and reliable regardless of what I’ve put them through.

They’ve fallen out of my truck onto concrete, gotten wet several times, and seen some hot and cold temperatures, which they’ve kept working perfectly throughout.

GLx binoculars being tested in wet conditions, showing their waterproof capabilities
While I didn’t submerge them for an extended period, the GLx had no issues with the water it encountered.

Tripod Adapter & Lanyard Slots

For those of you who like to get fancy with your binoculars and mount them on a tripod, you’re covered. With a simple removal of the adapter cap, you are ready to mount up.

Close-up of the GLx binoculars showing the tripod adapter underneath a cap with the Primary Arms logo
A tripod adaptor is underneath the small cap with the PA logo.

If lanyards are your style with binoculars, you’ll find lanyard slots on each side of the binoculars. You don’t always have to use them both simultaneously, but it will keep them balanced.

Image focusing on the sides of the GLx binoculars, highlighting the lanyard slots
You can see the lanyard slots on each side of the binoculars.


Primary Arms SLx 10x42mm Binoculars

Primary Arms SLx 10x42mm Binoculars

I mentioned them a few times in the article, so naturally, I figured we should put them as an alternative. If you’re not too concerned about ED glass and want to save money, check out the Primary Arms SLx binoculars.

You still get impressive features such as a 16mm eye relief, 309 ft. FOV, and fully multicoated lenses. It’s also backed by Primary Arms lifetime warranty.

Diamondback HD 10x42mm Binoculars

Diamondback HD 10x42mm Binoculars

The Diamondback HD 10x42mm is one of the most popular binoculars in the sub-$300 category. They are lightweight and durable, feature HD fully multicoated lenses, and boast a 330 ft. FOV and a 15mm eye relief.

I also love how these look, as they come in a dark olive drab green finish. Looks don’t make this a quality pair of binoculars, but the features definitely do.


With the durable magnesium and rubber construction, high optical quality, and lifetime warranty, the GLx binoculars deliver a ton of bang for your buck. Since these binos represent an entry into the market for Primary Arms, I cannot wait to see the following models bring to the table.

If you’re looking at binoculars under the $300 mark, these GLx binoculars from Primary Arms should be on your list to consider.

As always, stay safe, train hard, and have fun.