Best Sig P365 Accessories and Aftermarket Parts [2022]

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Since launching, the Sig P365 has performed incredibly well on the market. In fact, it’s become one of the best-selling guns for civilians. It also made its way to several police forces as a backup weapon. Because of this, there’s a wide range of Sig 365 aftermarket parts. We’ll be taking a look at some of those here.

How to Choose the Best Sig P365 Accessories

The Sig P365 is already an excellent gun on its own. It’s compact, light, and always reliable. If you’ve had the chance to compare it to other concealed carry guns, you know how great it fits in hand and how insanely well it behaves for such a tiny weapon.

For a complete overview of everything Sig P365 has to offer, you can check out this YouTube review.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t Sig P365 upgrades to make the gun even better. For starters, expanded ammo mags, holsters, and sights are almost always a welcome addition to any gun. But there’s even more on the market.

Things to Look for in Sig P365 Aftermarket Parts

If you’re looking for Sig 365 aftermarket parts, the first and obvious consideration is to make sure they actually fit the gun. Many will advertise P365 compatibility, but it’s always good to check real reviews.

Aftermarket parts don’t come as official accessories, made by the gun manufacturer. An upgrade might generally be compatible with your Sig, but it might not be the most compatible of its kind. That’s why you should double-check for user experiences beforehand.

Another thing to keep in mind is whether you really need a particular accessory. Some of us, I included, can go a bit overboard when shopping for upgrades. One minute, you’re looking for an excellent holster, the next a new ammo magazine, and pretty soon, you’ve gone over budget trying to fit every extension there is on the gun.

Trying to disregard that itch to max-out your gun might be challenging, but it’s best to keep your eyes on the essentials. At least for a start.

Now that we’ve taken care of the basics, here are some of the best Sig P365 aftermarket parts you can get your hands on:

Our Favorite Sig P365 Aftermarket Parts

Streamlight 69284 TLR-6 Tactical Weapon Light

A potentially sticky situation won’t wait for perfect lighting conditions. That’s why a powerful sig P365 light is a must. The Streamlight 69284 TLR-6 is explicitly designed for the Sig P365. There are other TLR-6 lights on the market, but every model is meant to fit perfectly on a different gun.

The flashlight has a C4 LED that gives off 100 lumens. If you’re not familiar with this unit, let’s just say that 100 lumens used to be the standard for police and military flashlights. Besides that, there’s an aiming laser right beneath it to help pinpoint the target.

This gadget can work for a full hour in dual mode – the light and the laser both turned on. Once the battery’s out and you need to replace it, you can do that while the light is still mounted. Compact and almost weightless, this is the Sig P365 light to get your hands on.

Sig Sauer 15-Round Magazine

With the original extended version, the P365 magazine can hold a maximum of 12 rounds. However, when it comes to ammo capacity, bigger is always better. With the MAG-365-9-15, you’ll get three 9mm rounds more in your Sig. That could potentially mean a lot, whether hunting or for self-defense purposes.


The mag is made of metal and has a grip extension with a black finish. It fits the original grip perfectly, and the extension makes it sit in hand very comfortably. Even if, for some unexplained reason, you’re not interested in having more rounds, the extended grip might be just the thing for people with larger hands.

Outerimpact Red Dot Adapter

If you’re planning to use red dot sights on your Sig P365, this adapter will make it a whole lot easier. It’s made to be completely compatible with the P365 and a multitude of red dot sights. With it, you won’t be limited to only those designed for the Sig P365. Bear in mind that, since some supported red dot sights are wider than the slide, the adapter is wider too.

There are about two-dozen sights you’ll be able to mount on the gun, including those for Sig Romeo 3 XL. The adapter comes with mounting screws for most of them, so all that’s left is to pick a sight and slap it on your Sig.

Lightning Strike Steel Striker

It might be hard to imagine the Sig P365 could get any tougher, but the Steel Striker can achieve just that. This is one of the Sig P365 upgrades you didn’t know you needed, but you’ll be happy to have.


The striker is forged of sturdy stainless steel and then heat-treated for extra durability. It’ll make your Sig even more reliable, precise, and resilient – no matter how many rounds you fire from it. From my point of view, this is a crucial under-the-hood upgrade for the P365. The Sig will immediately feel even better in action, and it’ll stay in optimal condition for a long time.

True Precision X-Fluted Match Grade Barrel


A good barrel is the soul of a gun, and Sig P365 certainly has that. But wouldn’t you like a great barrel instead?

In this respect, True Precision made a really substantial upgrade to the original P365 barrel. It’s broach-cut, with rifling that accommodates any ammo type, chamfers, and radius cuts. All this, along with a target crown and thread protector, significantly improves the gun’s accuracy.

The barrel is designed for simple drop-in installation, so you won’t break a sweat getting it in your Sig. Finally, there’s a vast range of coatings and finishes to make the customization really stand out.

Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

Once you decide to conceal-carry, it’s vital to have the right holster for your firearm. It needs to be comfortable, light, and not get in the way when you need to pull your weapon out. The Concealment Express KYDEX holster has all that, and more besides.

It’s made of top-quality aluminum and Kydex and fits perfectly inside the waistband. The holster is so comfortable you might forget it’s there. Also, a sweat guard spans the full length, so your Sig will remain clean and unblemished.

The minimalistic holster is more adjusted for additional upgrades than it would seem at first sight. It can accommodate rear sight, suppressor sights, and threaded barrels, to name a few. Whatever accessories you have on your P365, this holster will hold and protect them, all the while providing you with easy access to the gun.

CYTAC Sig P365 OWB Holster

If outside of waistband carry is more your style, there’s an excellent solution for that. The CYTAC holster is designed specifically for the Sig P365. It will fit the gun like a glove.

There’s an active release system on the holster to make sure your Sig comes out only when you want it to. The materials used are military-grade polymers, making the holster both sturdy, reliable, and easy to clean. Due to the quality materials, it’s also resistant to water, sweat, and wear.

High Speed Gear Pistol Taco Mag Pouch

While this pouch is made mainly to hold gun magazines, the functional design makes it also suitable for multi-tools or flashlights. It’s made of nylon and fits seamlessly on your belt.

This isn’t a Sig-exclusive or even a gun-exclusive accessory, but it’s such a versatile addition to your equipment that we just had to include it here. The pouch is entirely made in the US and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Sig Sauer Foxtrot 365 Tactical White Light

The first of the three items that aren’t Sig P365 aftermarket parts but come from the original manufacturer, the Foxtrot tactical light, is unsurprisingly an excellent fit for the P365.

It produces a 30ft light beam of 100-lumen power and can keep it up for half an hour. The total battery life is two hours. The light mounts on the rail, but you’ll hardly feel it on your Sig. To top everything off, it’s water and weather-resistant.

Sig Sauer P365 Flat Trigger


The original trigger the P365 comes with isn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination. Yet, the manufacturer made the right decision to put this replacement on the market. Even when things are good to start with, there’s no reason not to make them better.

The flat trigger gives you a lower trigger-finger position. This means you’ll have more leverage so that every pull is even more consistent and smoother than with the original. Of course, coming from the manufacturer, you don’t need to worry about compatibility or weight increase. The only thing this trigger will bring to your P365 is the perfect trigger action – which means the ideal sig P365 trigger upgrade.

Sig Sauer Romeo 1 Mini Reflex Sight

If there’s ever the need to react and find targets quickly, a reflex sight could play a vital role. Every gun will benefit significantly from an upgrade that gives it more accuracy, and your Sig P365 is no different.

The Romeo 1 reflex sight is a perfect match for your P365. It’s a miniature sight designed to help you zero-in on targets at a moment’s notice. It’s made of durable, quality materials, making it dependable, sturdy, and lightweight. The coated lens produces no distortion, so the sight will always be clear. Plus, you can use the manual brightness control to adjust it to your needs.

Finally, the battery’s loaded from the top side, so you can easily change it even while moving. All in all, the Romeo 1 is a terrific addition to your Sig.

Get the Gear On

All of the accessories we’ve shown here are excellent additions for the Sig P365 in their own right. Each one is entirely compatible with the gun and will make it function even better. A great gun to start with, the equally significant upgrades can make the P365 downright epic.

That brings us to the initial question − how to resist buying all the accessories at once. Well, although we’ve cautioned against this in general, maybe you could give yourself a treat just this once and go for the whole deal. It would hardly be a decision you’d regret.

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