Best Gun Belts In 2022 [Buyer’s Guide]

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5.11 Tactical Mens BeltBest Overall Belt – 5.11 Tactical 1.5 “Trainer BeltCheck Price
Men's Belt, Nexbelt EDC Titan Black Nylon Gun Tactical Ratchet Belt for Concealed Carry Runner Up – Nexbelt EDC Titan Black Nylon Gun Tactical Ratchet Belt Check Price
Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Concealed Carry CCW Gun Belt The Best Budget Buy – Relentless Tactical Ultimate Gun Belt Check Price
Klik Belts Tactical Belt –2 PLY 1.5 Nylon Heavy Duty Belt Quick Release Cobra Buckle - Unisex Easiest and Fastest To Strap On – Klik Belts Check Price
kore tactical gun belt Premium Gun Belt – Kore Tactical Gun BeltCheck Price

Being around guns for as long as I have, has taught me to be prepared for anything at all times. While I have always worn belts like most people who keep decent with a pair of pants, I’ve never really gone out to buy a gun belt. My gun belts are mostly inherited or Christmas gifts from friends who know I’m a big gun lover. 

Since I’ve never gone out to buy a gun belt, I didn’t think there would be so many out there. In fact, it was downright confusing being faced with dozens of gun belts. After a bit of research, speaking to my cousins, all of whom own guns, and a visit to the local gun shop, I realized that there were a few features that every good gun belt should have. 

Many EDCers told me that a gun belt shouldn’t just hold my pants up but also make housing the gun comfortable. Finally, quality matters because you don’t want the belt breaking if you find yourself in a situation where you need to draw quickly. 

The belts should also have room for a couple of extra features apart from just being able to clip on a few things. The length and width should be ideally designed to conceal tools and a few other things. Most of all, they need to be easy to reach. 

Unfortunately, most of what’s billed as gun belts are just pieces of leather with no reinforcement to add the stiffness needed to hold a gun. I agree that gun belts should be designed and built for everyday use, but they need to double as a great place to tuck your gun. So, construction, design, and build quality matter more than anything else.  

Quick Gun Belt Checklist 

Let’s start with a checklist of what makes a worthy gun belt. The checklist will help you quickly find the best gun belt for your use. It also tells you why we chose the gun belts in the next section over dozens of others. 

Ideally, your gun belt should be: 

  • Of excellent quality
  • Comfortable 
  • Rigid
  • And sexy!

If you start focusing on these core features as we did, it won’t be hard to choose a quality gun belt. The right belt can honestly make your carry experience a lot less uncomfortable, possibly prompting you to carry daily. 

The Best Belt(s) For Concealed and Carry

Best Overall Belt – 5.11 Tactical 1.5 “Trainer Belt

5.11 Tactical Mens Belt

The 5.11 Tactical Trainer Belt offers a one-size-fits-all approach that’s perfect for newbie and casual conceal & carry. That’s partly based on personally using the belt. The heavy-duty belt can take a great deal of punishment, still look great after taking it, and makes carrying most handguns pretty comfortable. 

We tried tucking a Glock and walking around with it for a few hours; after a while, you forget that the gun is even there. The durable build quality of the 1.5″ Trainer Belt means it can easily last a few years if not a decade if taken care of, with the stainless-steel buckle being able to stand up to 5000 lbs of force. 

The ultra-strong nylon mesh stays in place even after clipping on a holster, a radio on the other side, and a few other accessories. 

In our opinion, you can’t go wrong with the 1.5″ Trainer Belt, which is why it is our top pick. 

  • Well built and consequently durable. 
  • It makes carrying all-size handguns easy. 
  • Stays in place despite clipping on heavy accessories. 
  • An affordable, budget-friendly option.
  • We noticed that the braided nylon tends to become loose after a while, requiring readjustment. 
  • The buckle could be fancier. 

Runner Up – Nexbelt EDC Titan Black Nylon Gun Tactical Ratchet Belt

Men's Belt, Nexbelt EDC Titan Black Nylon Gun Tactical Ratchet Belt for Concealed Carry

The Nextbelt EDC Titan Black is a nylon tactical belt that utilizes the traditional ratcheting buckle mechanism most gun owners have possibly used in the past. The gun belt is designed for up to a 50-inch waist but is easily adjusted for people with lower waist sizes. 

The straps are just 1/4th of an inch, making them quick and easy to strap on and take off. In our experience, it is more comfortable compared to the traditional buckle and pin you’ll find on most gun belts. 

 Unlike other nylon belts we’ve reviewed and used in the past, The EDC Titan uses high-density microfiber material, which feels premium and durable. The added stiffness, as a result, makes it possible to tuck a gun under your shirt or holster one on the side. 

While we’ve not had any issues with the EDC Titan Black, the only drawback of this belt is it does not look great, but that’s our personal opinion, and you might think differently. 

  • Easy to put on and take off thanks to the well-designed ratcheting buckle mechanism 
  • The nylon straps feel comfortable despite their rigidity. 
  • Feels premium 
  • A well built, durable belt 
  • Not a great-looking gun belt. 

The Best Budget Buy – Relentless Tactical Ultimate Gun Belt

Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Concealed Carry CCW Gun Belt

Over the years, one of the things we’ve learned about belts is that they do not become any more premium beyond a specific price point. The Relentless Tactical Ultimate Gun Belt hits the sweet spot, in our opinion, especially when it comes to value for money. It is budget-friendly compared to other belts in our lineup. Unlike a few others that we’ll later mention, the belt has a leather core to add stiffness as compared to a steel core. However, it is plenty stiff and will not go out of shape even with a gun tucked in for hours daily. 

Made from high-quality leather in the USA, with excellent stitching, it isn’t the sexiest gun belt, but it serves the purpose with a lifetime warranty. 

We tested the Relentless Tactical Ultimate Gun Belt with quite a few firearms, and it works as advertised while outperforming others in this price bracket. 

  • Well-built stiff gun belt. 
  • It is made primarily from leather, giving it a premium feeling and adding comfort. 
  • It can accommodate any size or type of gun. 
  • Not the best-looking belt. 
  • Does not have a steel core like its more expensive competitors. 

Most Durable – Daltech Bull Belt

Baltech Bullbelt

The Daltech Bull Belt pulls out all the stops in pursuit of manufacturing the best possible gun belt. However, the approach adds 50% more mass to the belt than possibly all the others listed in this article. That said, we can almost guarantee that the Daltech Bull Belt will stand up to years of abuse, making it the perfect choice for people in law enforcement or those who are tasked with tucking a gun under their shirts daily. 

The rugged, sturdy design makes it possible to carry lots of accessories. After getting our hands on the belt, it is safe to say that it feels niche in the hand with bulky uniform stitching. It is hard to tell for a regular person if this is, in fact, a gun belt. 

The problem you may have with the Daltech Bull Belt is it feels like wearing a hula hoop, and the loops in your pants need to be thick enough to accommodate it. However, with the right selection of pants and some practice, it isn’t something you can’t get over. 

It is not the belt for a person who wants to carry a mag with a concealed carry weapon. However, it’s the best choice if you want to load your waistline with a rifle mag, pistol mags, pistol, and a few shotgun shells. 

  • The most durably built belt you can buy today
  • Excellent build quality 
  • It can easily accommodate multiple accessories with a heavy gun 
  • It feels premium and is comfortable to wear 
  • Priced competitively 
  • The Daltech Bull Belt is heavy, so it may not be for everyone 
  • Wearing it can take some getting used to 

Easiest and Fastest To Strap On – Klik Belts

Klik Belts Tactical Belt –2 PLY 1.5 Nylon Heavy Duty Belt Quick Release Cobra Buckle - Unisex

One of the problems that many newbie gun owners report is fumbling with their gun belt buckles. While there are numerous mechanisms and fancy buckles but at the end of the day, if you’re still fumbling with it, then that gun belt isn’t for you. That’s where we think Klik Belts has hit a home run. 

Mountaineers consider the Cobra Quick Releases Buckles the gold standard in buckle technology. Klik Belts leverages that technology by stitching them into their concealed carry belts. 

Intrigued by the idea, I pulled a few strings to get my hands on a Klik Belt to try it out for this review. The 2-ply tactical belt version is the best one, in my opinion, since it gives you enough stiffness to carry guns and accompanying mags. 

You’re also advised to buy your regular belt size since there is enough wiggle room. If you look closely at both ends of the Klik Belt, one side is single ply, and the other is double-ply. Strapping it on is easy; thread the single-ply side through your belt loops, then attach the single-ply side to the buckle. 

If you haven’t worked with mountaineering gear before, figuring it out can take a quick second and take some getting used to. However, it’s hard to go back to the traditional buckle mechanism once you do. 

You only need to make sure to carry on the double-ply side of the gun belt. The single-ply connection makes it possible to adjust the belt while you’re wearing accessories and a gun tucked. It is excellent for someone like me who often wants to loosen the belt after hooking up a holster. 

Our personal opinion of the Klik Belts is that they are built to last and can take a beating. The stitching is super strong, and you can’t get a buckle that’s stronger than the Cobra Buckle. 

My only issue with the belt is that if you’ve got your shirt hanging out, the buckle sort of digs into your stomach when sitting. The longer I sit, the more it digs in. The best way to remedy that isn’t to lose a few pounds but to also tuck your shirt in!

  • Well built and highly durable gun belt 
  • It can be easily adjusted 
  • Feels comfortable once you get used to wearing it 
  • Easy to put on and take off 
  • Competitively priced 
  • The thick buckle is secure, but it does dig into your stomach while seated

Premium Gun Belt – Kore Tactical Gun Belt

kore tactical gun belt

At first glance, you can’t tell if the Kore Tactical Gun Belt is anything out of the ordinary. Most people won’t be able to tell if it is a gun belt. However, it is a gun belt and one that combines luxury with utility, encased in a sturdy leather housing secured by a multi-purpose belt buckle. 

The belt is made from Grade 1 titanium, which is a commercially pure grade of titanium. The titanium grade offers the most formability; it is the softest and hence the most ductile of all grades, making it perfect for gun belts. 

The Kore Titanium Track Belt also features a spring-loaded ratchet, which utilizes tracks and not belt holes, making it easier to adjust for maximum comfort. This also prevents warping and damage. Furthermore, it comes with 40+ size points to ensure there is one that fits perfectly. 

While we don’t advise that you walk through TSA checkpoints with a concealed weapon, if you happen to be wearing the belt, the buckle can quickly be taken off while your pant remains on. The other reason you might want to quickly detach it is to crack on a bottle with the built-in bottle opener… no kidding!

  • It looks and feels premium 
  • Durably built with a grade 1 titanium core 
  • It can easily support the weight of a large gun and multiple accessories 
  • Easy to wear, adjust and take off 
  • A buckle that doubles as a bottle opener 
  • Expensive 

What To Look For When Buying A Gun Belt? 

As someone that has carried a gun on their waistline now and then, I understand the importance of a well-designed gun belt. While you can still carry a gun with a regular belt, regardless of the material it is made of, some materials like leather and nylon don’t have the rigidity needed to hold up to the weight of a holster, gun, and other equipment. That’s why manufacturers need to employ special techniques to add rigidity and durability. Gun belts are, after all, designed to hold up to the weight and the stresses associated with daily wear and tear. 

I’ve never purchased a gun belt until late, but I’ve always used one. Investing in a gun belt and a good one at that is important, but many can feel overwhelmed by the number of belts available. Gun belts will vary in their construction and are often designed for a specific person and purpose. That’s where choosing the right one for you can be challenging than simply buying one from a holster company. 

We’ve narrowed down what you should consider when in the market for a gun belt in this section. 

Gun Belt Rigidity 

The benefit of a gun belt is stiffness compared to a standard belt. The rigidity makes the belt capable of holding or supporting the weight of a weapon without sagging or breaking. While rigidity is important, the maximum strength of the gun is dependent on how the gun is carried on it. For instance, carrying a pistol on the strong side will benefit from an entirely different design compared to if you wanted to carry in the appendix position, also commonly referred to as “inside the waistband.”   

Common sense would dictate that you choose the thickest belt since it is also the strongest offering the most support for a heavy gun and accessories. In practice, they aren’t ideally designed for people who want to carry inside the waistband. 

Most gun belts available in 2022 are rigid, which means they don’t buckle or sag when under the load of a gun. However, you don’t want to buy the most rigid gun belt since it can feel uncomfortable. The belt should ideally have a degree of flex, which means it comfortably wraps around your body. 

A thick belt, like a double-ply nylon belt or one with a steel core, for instance, is excellent for open carry with lots of supporting gear. 

Wearing A Gun Inside Versus Outside the Waistband 

Generally speaking, if you usually wear the gun inside the waistband, in the appendix position, then a more flexible belt will feel comfortable as it easily wraps into the body’s contours. 

If you want to conceal carry, thickness is another essential factor to consider. A heavy-duty, thick belt may be great for the range or in an open carry scenario but not the best choice for concealment. Wearing a heavy-duty gun belt makes it pretty hard not to notice, consequently drawing attention to your gun.

If you want good concealment, especially when wearing light clothing, buy a belt that’s stiff yet thin and very flexible. 

Buckle Design 

Do not overlook the importance of good buckle design when buying a gun belt. Typical leather belts have a metal buckle but aren’t suited for appendix carry, though fine for strong-side-hip carry. 

The wrong buckle design will interfere with the holster, and you’ll have printing issues. Large buckles are generally acceptable for those who carry their gun on the strong side, with open front concealment. However, if you carry inside the waistband and usually wear an untucked shirt, that large buckle isn’t very comfortable. 

A person carrying on the appendix side should buy a belt with a buckle that can be worn off-center on the waist. However, there are still printing issues with wearing the buckle off to the side. That’s why you may want to buy an EDC belt that’s built with small buckles. Minimal design belt buckles are your best bet for daily conceal and carry use. 

Another consideration when choosing a buckle design is: does it fit through your belt loops? Heavy-duty buckles don’t fit through belt loops, making them acceptable for the gun range. If you’re going to conceal and carry daily, buy a gun belt with a buckle that fits through the loops on your pants. In other words, here too, a low profile design will serve you best. 

Traditional Leather Belts Versus Newer Nylon Belts 

Nylon is seen as a cheaper and sometimes sturdier alternative to leather. The fact is that both leather and nylon can be sturdy if built right. Both materials are capable of carrying heavy guns and related accessories. However, if you choose a leather belt, choose one with a steel or titanium core. The metal in the belt ensures that it will remain rigid under load. On the other hand, Nylon belts utilize a double layer to ensure stiffness. 

The apparent difference between both materials is how they look visually. A leather belt may be a good choice for those who wear an open-front garment. A nylon gun belt is perfect for EDC since its both strong and rigid. However, the other often unknown feature of most nylon gun belts is that they are comparatively light and are available with lower-profile belt buckles. 

Final Word 

I have spoken to many people who have stopped carrying their guns because it feels uncomfortable. A gun belt helps make it easy on you. Pair it with a good belt holster, and you won’t know it’s there. 

Every belt listed in this round-up has 5-star reviews by gun owners from across the country. We would strongly advise against anyone carrying a Wal-Mart Tactical Belt. I received one of these as a Christmas present by a non-gun owner, who thought it looked great. After using it, I can tell you; looks aren’t everything. 

To buy the 5.11 Tactical 1.5 “Trainer Belt, check out our link here.

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