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ATN ThOR LTV 320 4-12x Thermal Scope Review: Does The Value Justify The Price? preview image
Oct 13 2023
8 min read

ATN ThOR LTV 320 4-12x Thermal Scope Review: Does The Value Justify The Price?


Shooting at night has always presented problems until thermals became affordable. The ATN ThOR LTV 4-12x is a versatile, lightweight thermal scope that allows hunters to succeed in low-light and night situations.

With a ton of great thermal scopes on the market, what sets this scope apart? Today, we’ll take a closer look to find out. Thank you to ATN for sending out this scope and mount to make this review possible.

ATN ThOR LTV 320 4-12x Thermal Scope review
A tidy package for nighttime shooting.

ATN ThOR LTV 320 4-12x Thermal Scope Review

ATN ThOR LTV 320 4-12x Thermal Scope

If you are thinking about getting a thermal scope, there are a couple of things to consider. Cost? Features? Reliability? Etc.


Objective lens25 mm
Resolution320×240 px / 12 μm
Field of view8.8°x6.6°
Display Resolution1280×720 px
Eye relief90 mm
Video Record Resolution1280×720 px
3D AccelerometerYes
Color modesWhite Hot / Black Hot
ReticlesMultiple Patterns
Micro SD card4 to 64 GB
USB, type CYes
Mount30 mm Standard Rings
Internal Lithium-Ion Battery9+ hrs
IP ratingWeather resistant
Human Detection Range910 m
Human Recognition Range455 m
Human Identification Range290 m
Dimensions292x56x55 mm / 11.5″ x 2.2″ x 2.2″
Weight1.4 lb / 650 g
Warranty3 years
Country of OriginUSA

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent image – the thermal image can be adjusted to be white or black, with eight different color schemes
  • Easy to use – the arrow keys and menu system make the scope easy to set up
  • One-shot zero
  • Video & still recording – place up to a 64GB micro-SD card in the slot and record away
  • Affordable compared to some of its competitors
  • No WiFi or Bluetooth – these options are available from ATN on some of the higher-priced scopes
  • Mini-SD card is difficult to remove
ATN ThOR LTV 320 4-12x Thermal Scope close up
No doubt about the model of this scope! The QD mount makes putting this scope on a rifle easy.

First Impressions & Unboxing

When I opened the box, I was impressed. Not only was the scope packaged very securely, but it was also placed in a zip-up storage bag with a cleaning cloth. Also included were items you might not expect, such as a flip-up cover for the front lens, a heavy-duty USB-C charge cable, a collapsible eye cup, and scope rings.

After the scope was fully charged, I gave it a whirl. Once focused, the images were sharp and clear. You can set hot to being white or black. All in all, it performed wonderfully out of the box.

How We Tested

Testing the ATN LTV during the day time

I have a good friend, a former deputy, who loves guns as much as I do. He brought his Saint over… not Bernard, but Springfield Armory’s AR-15. He has it fully decked out with a nice red dot, light, and magnifier.

Our informal test had us comparing his AR’s optics against my Ruger 10/22 with the ATN scope mounted. He couldn’t see our thermal test targets at only 25 yards, even with all those things mounted on his rifle.

He picked up my 10/22, aimed again, and was blown away by how sharp and clear everything was and how easy it was to see heat signatures. From the animals around to even a rock still hot from earlier in the day, we could pick up the heat signatures across the board.

It wasn’t exactly scientific, but it proved the thermal’s worth… at least to me.


My zero has not moved since it was set. The scope held its zero throughout shooting, getting bumped in the woods and even falling out of my truck once.


ATN makes more thermal and night vision optics than almost any other company. With a broad product set, it even has some optics starting as low as $599. Each model still has plenty of solid features.

Let’s look at the 4-12x features more closely since that’s the subject of our article today!

One-Shot Zero

Day or night, put up a thermal target (a piece of foil tape) and center the reticle on it. Now, go to the business end of the scope – the top. Here, you’ll see this:

ATN ThOR LTV 320 4-12x Thermal Scope buttons controls
TV remote control style buttons.

You simply take a shot, adjust your reticle to where the shot was placed, and that’s it.

Notice that it resembles a TV remote control, with its 4-position arrow keypad and center dot (the on/off button is upper left). For specifics, the manual explains it all. Easy-peasy.


ATN will let you use anything from a 4GB to a 64GB card. That’s a lot of videos!

Day or Night

One common misconception among shooters about thermal scopes is that you must use them at night. Not so. You can shoot equally well in daylight or at night. This makes them highly versatile.

Rechargeable Battery

You don’t need any batteries for this baby. Just plug in the included, heavy-duty USB cable and charge away. The charge should last for at least 9 hours.

Adjustable Diopter

The diopter adjustment ring helps with focus, as does the front focus ring. I removed the flexible eye cup to get closer with the camera.

ATN ThOR LTV 320 4-12x Thermal Scope scope
The diopter is easy to adjust.

Extra Display Features

The scope’s display will show you, on the left side, any tilt of the rifle and, on the right, any inclination up or down. That way, you’ll know whether the rifle is level or not.

ATN ThOR LTV 320 4-12x Thermal Scope 6x magnification
Sample viewfinder image. Tilt is on the left. Inclination is on the right. Magnification is on the upper right (6.0X). Photo courtesy of atncorp.com


Here are some shots of the six reticles in different colors built into this scope.

Also visible at the top right of every screen are widgets… the NUC flashing icon (non-uniformity correction), magnification icon, zoom reading (up to 12x here), camera, SD card in place, and battery level.

ATN ThOR LTV 320 4-12x Thermal Scope reticle option 1
Reticle option 1.
ATN ThOR LTV 320 4-12x Thermal Scope reticle option 2
Reticle option 2
ATN ThOR LTV 320 4-12x Thermal Scope reticle option 3
Reticle option 3
ATN ThOR LTV 320 4-12x Thermal Scope reticle option 4
Reticle option 4
ATN ThOR LTV 320 4-12x Thermal Scope reticle option 5
Reticle option 5
ATN ThOR LTV 320 4-12x Thermal Scope reticle option 6
Reticle option 6

Altogether, there are six different reticles to choose from in the following colors: orange, yellow, black, green, blue, very pale white, and red.

ATN ThOR LTV 320 4-12x Thermal Scope color reticle options
Image courtesy of ATN Corp

Screen color palettes include the colors you see above, plus other mixtures. Many of these are combinations of two colors. I counted 11 different patterns in all, enough for any lighting condition.

Score Card

Reliability (10/10)  

No problems holding zero. Even after the scope fell, getting the rifle out of the truck it was not affected.

Ergonomics (9/10)

Getting the SD card in and out was a pain, but the scope and controls are set up well otherwise.

Customization (10/10)

The scope comes with everything you need for basic nighttime shooting and many settings to choose from.

Appearance (10/10)

The scope is professional-looking.

Value (9/10)

Except for WiFi and Bluetooth, this scope has it all covered.


Here are some useful scope accessories that would pair well with the LTV.

Power Weapon Kit

Power Weapon Kit

This 20K uaH battery pack will power the scope (or other USB device) for up to 22 hours.

Thermal Targets

Thermal Targets

This target set includes a thermal “hot spot” in the center for sighting in your scope or shooting in general.

64GB Micro-SD Card

64GB Micro-SD Card

With 64GB, you get the maximum storage possible for this scope.        


For those who shoot after dark, this scope gets the job done. It isn’t the cheapest (or the most expensive) thermal scope out there, but it works just fine. I used it during both daylight and at night successfully with solid results.

If you’ve always wanted to try a thermal scope, this is a great one to consider. If you’re on a tighter budget, ATN does have other scopes starting at $599.

Do you own any ATN scopes? If not, do you recommend another specific scope for night shooting? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Mike Hardesty
Mike Hardesty photo With a rich experience spanning over 45 years, Mike Hardesty has honed his skills in shooting and reloading, becoming a revered figure within silhouette shooting circles since the 1970s. A master craftsman, he casts bullets and reloads for a diverse array of firearms, each handled with seasoned expertise. Nestled in rural Indiana, his homestead boasts a personal 100-yard range where he imparts his love for guns to his four sons, their wives, and eleven grandchildren. As a recognized author, his writings have featured in notable platforms like Snipercountry.com, Bear Creek Arsenal Blog, Pew Pew Tactical, TTAG, and Gunmade.com, showcasing his ongoing passion for firearms at the age of 71.


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