Best Glock 19 Holsters in 2022

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The Glock 19 is one of the most popular handguns in the United States. It’s a standard CCW for both civilians and law enforcement agencies that require a more tactical use.

If you want to carry your trusty Glock 19 everywhere you go, you can find countless compatible holsters for this famous Glock model, and that may be a problem. What’s the best one?

Truth be told, most of the holsters you can find on the web do a great job concealing it without stabbing your body, and browsing for a suitable one can be a hassle.

Lucky for you, I scoured the web and rounded up the best of the best holsters available on the market today. In this in-depth guide, we’ll talk about all kinds of Glock 19 holsters, their benefits and disadvantages, and hopefully, it will help you choose the perfect model for yourself.

Before we dive into the list, let’s check out the main holster types.

 Concealment Express IWB Kydex HolsterCheck Price
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB HolsterCheck Price
Bianchi 57 Remedy OWB Paddle HolsterCheck Price
Tulster Glock IWB Profile HolsterCheck Price
Galco Gunleather Miami Classic Shoulder HolsterCheck Price
Uncle Mike’s Nylon Ankle HolsterCheck Price
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 7-2-1024x717.jpgCan Can Concealment Garter HolsterCheck Price

Common Holster Types

The Glock holsters we’ll be talking about are Gen3, Gen4, and Gen5 models of the Glock 19, but don’t worry, they’re all compatible.

If you want to keep it simple, you can divide holsters into two groups: open carry holsters, commonly used by on-duty lawmen and hunters; and concealed carry holsters, which are popular among sensible gun owners with Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) permits.

If you received your CCW license and you’re interested in concealed carry insurance, you can check out our CCW insurance guide.

Having said that, let’s dive deeper into the particular holster categories.

Outside the Waistband (OWB) Holsters

OWB holsters are exactly what you think they are.

These open carry holsters can be attached to your waistband or belt with a belt clip and/or slide slots.

The purpose is to carry the firearm on the outside of your belt, hence the name. Gun owners usually cover their OWB holsters with a jacket or coat.

They’re a great holster type because they’re comfortable and offer quick and easy access to your handgun. OWB holsters are placed at the 3 o’clock or 4 o’clock area of your body.

Inside the Waistband (IWB) Holsters

These are specially designed to be worn hidden inside of your waistband and are secured via clips. The IWB are obviously concealed carry holsters and are also placed around the 3 and 4 o’clock area on your hip.

However, it’s well-known that this holster type is pretty uncomfortable, so most IWB users need an undershirt to take care of the edges.

IWB holsters are arguably the most popular choice, but establishing a positive grip can be tricky, while gun retrieval isn’t as fast as with OWB holsters.

Speaking of retrieval, check out our list of best handgun safes of 2021 if you’re looking for a sturdy handgun safe with quick and easy access.

Appendix Carry Holsters

Appendix carry holsters are actually IWB holsters, but they’re positioned in front of your waistband, between your underwear and pants.

The appendix carry is a very popular IWB holster position because it’s very convenient when sitting down or bending forward, while also concealing your firearms better (thanks to your shirt), and has a faster retrieval speed than the 3 or 4 o’clock holster positioning.

Shoulder Holsters

Shoulder holsters are associated with cops, spies, and Carlos Dengler of Interpol fame (the band, not the international police organization).

They’re an oddball choice, but still popular among gun owners.

Shoulder holsters are designed with a harness that allows you to reach your gun under your non-dominant arm. The magazine pouch is on the opposite side for counterbalance.

Ankle Holsters

These holsters are the unpopular choice.

They’re not very comfortable, the position isn’t ideal for quick access, and are generally small for a Glock 19, but you have to admit they really look cool, and they’re a perfect choice for sidearms.

On a side note, you can purchase a 2-pound Smith & Wesson Model 686 revolver, strap it on a Barsony ankle holster, and you’ve got yourself some cool leg weights for a brisk morning jog.

Holsters for Women

Most holsters are designed for men’s bodies and may or may not be comfortable (or functional) for women.

That’s why there are some very interesting and women-specific types of holsters like thigh holsters that are worn and secured comfortably around the thighs, and then there are purse holsters, specially designed for purses in mind.

You can check out our lists of best handguns and revolvers for women if you’re looking for smaller handguns that fit perfectly in a purse holster or a thigh holster.

Best Glock 19 Holsters

Our Top Pick – Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster

  • Lightweight, durable, and reliable design
  • Great value
  • No sharp edges
  • Compatible with other Glock models
  • Adjustable retention and tension screw
  • Satisfying click that lets you know when the gun is holstered
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Some users report a loose fit (though other handgun models are in question)

You’ve seen this Concealment Express IWB Kydex holster everywhere. It’s simplicity at its finest.

The great price, lightweight design, satisfying click, and how it feels are some of the reasons why many gun owners use this Kydex holster. Once they do, it becomes a standard, so there’s no wonder why it’s so sought-after.

It’s compatible with Gen 1 to Gen 5 Glock models, and there are many other models for different handguns, not just the Glock 19. As an IWB holster, it really feels good for appendix carry thanks to the additional belt loops and clip sizes.

It’s as minimalist as they come, which is good enough for most people. You holster the Glock, and you can hear a very satisfying click that ensures it’s secure. Once you turn it upside down, you’ll see whether the handgun stays put.

The Concealment Express IWB Kydex holster has adjustable retention, fully covers the barrel, has a sweat-proof (and waterproof) surface, and the clip is adjustable up to 15 degrees. A lot of bad reviews are from customers who always have trouble with that darn clip from different holster brands.

The brand has its own unique technology: the Claw Compatibility mechanism that ensures the handgun won’t print and leave marks. The mag release is exposed so you won’t have to take out your G19 to reload.

To summarize, with all its features, and the price you’re looking at, Concealment Express also offers you a lifetime warranty. I’m pretty sure you won’t need it.

If you’re rocking a Glock 19 or a Glock 19x with lights and optics, you got the Concealment Express Streamlight TLR-1 IWB Holster for your troubles.

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster

  • Lightweight
  • High-quality, durable design
  • Cost-effective
  • Very comfortable
  • Full holster kit also available at Sportsman’s
  • Excellent tension to keep your pistol safe
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Adjusting the holster is tricky
  • Plastic belt clips too tight
  • Belt clips can’t be replaced with leather loops

Alien Gear are newcomers in the holster game, but this company has it all figured out with their hybrid Kydex holsters. The Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 boasts excellent craftsmanship and the design saw a lot of careful planning and research.

The 2.0 design used leather, while this 3.5 model uses a neoprene layer, has a double clip for improved retention options and better stability, and the Kydex/neoprene hybrid design makes sure this IWB holster doesn’t cause any discomfort.

You got adjustable retention screws and holes for a nice fit, height, cant angle, multiple belt slots if you want to wear it outside the pants, and a 30-day trial and lifetime warranty. To modify the retention, the Cloak Tuck has adjustable grommets and rubber washers to make things easier.

The neoprene layer, ballistic nylon layer, and backing work together to prevent the holster or handgun from digging into your side. How cool is that?

The downside is that this hybrid holster is difficult to adjust and that’s pretty time-consuming. There have been several complaints about the plastic belt clips as well.

Other than that, the Cloak Tuck 3.5 is a fantastic piece of holster technology that focuses on comfort, utility, and efficiency, and the price is not too bad either.

Bianchi 57 Remedy OWB Paddle Holster

  • Traditional look
  • Great OWB feel
  • Fits some small-frame revolvers
  • Quality full-grain leather
  • Low-cut design might not be suitable for some

This leather holster exceeds in areas where Kydex fails.

The Bianchi 57 Remedy is a simple and traditional holster that perfectly fits a Glock, but it can also fit a snubby as well.

It’s a fully molded holster with a low-cut, open-top design. The manufacturer clearly went for a comfortable, quick access holster that doesn’t focus much on excess safety features.

The full-grain leather and precision-molded fit feels snug and just right. I don’t know about other guns, but it fits a Glock 19 like a glove. It’s strong, it’s durable, the trigger is 90% covered, and it’s very easy to conceal.

The only downside of this classy leather holster is the low-cut, open-top design which has really low retention. So, in the scenario where you’ll struggle or wrestle with the bad guy, the handgun might fall off. In all seriousness, there’s a really low chance of that ever happening, but, you know, safety first.

Overall, the Bianchi 57 Remedy really made up for their lack of OWB holsters, and it proves its worth if you want something that offers smooth and fast handgun retrieval.

Tulster Glock IWB Profile Holster

  • 0-30 degrees adjustable cant
  • Adjustable positive retention point
  • Adjustable retention
  • Anti-sweat shield
  • Satisfying click that lets you know when the gun is holstered
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Expensive

Here’s another Kydex for you.

The Tulster Glock 19 IWB Profile Holster has a very similar design to the Concealment Express holster. I’m talking about the audible sound when holstered, and if you want to know which holster model has the best ‘clicking’ sound, it’s up to you to find out.

This concealed carry holster has a fast quick clip, adjustable cant from 0-30 degrees, a flexible positive retention point, anti-sweat shield, and a minimalist design guaranteed to entice and intrigue any Glockhead.

If you want to wear it as an appendix carry holster you have additional belt loops and different clip sizes almost always in stock, not to mention multiple color models if you want to be stylish. 

You won’t have to worry about the holster imprinting to your body, even during those long driving hours.

The reason why it’s slightly more expensive than the Concealment Express holster is that the finish and design are modified better, and the built-in positive retention.

With this holster, your G19 barrel is fully covered, I guarantee no sharp edges, and what’s more, the mag release is exposed, and the trigger is covered which makes things easier when you want to draw faster without any accidents.

The Tulster IWB is a premium choice for a very hefty price, but I think it checks out. It’s a quality holster design, keeping it simple just like it should.

I think people like it because of the rounded edges, something most holster manufacturers forgot to think about.

Galco Gunleather Miami Classic Shoulder Holster

  • Natural feel and easy retention
  • Suitable for everyone
  • High-quality leather
  • Pouches can be easily swapped and upgraded
  • Snap closure secures your handgun perfectly
  • Classy ‘Miami Vice’ look
  • One of the most expensive gun holsters
  • Tie downs not included

To be honest, I’d personally throw a massive amount of cash on a high-quality, genuine leather holster like the Galco Miami without batting an eye. There’s no beating that 80s Miami feel.

Galco, founded as “The Famous Jackass Leather Company,” has been at it since 1970, designing, making, and innovating the most comfortable and versatile leather holsters, and are basically a staple in the shoulder holster business.

The Galco Miami offers you all the benefits of a professional holster system with patented and carefully designed connectors for comfort, function, and rapid response. Perfect if you’re on a high-profile case.

The harness’ trademarked clover-shaped Flexalon swivel back plate, high-quality steerhide leather, ammo carrier, and pouches are responsible for the insane price tag.

Best believe it fits most semi-automatic pistols, 1911s, double-action revolvers, and other similar handguns. It’s available in both left- and right-hand models, and there’s no retention strap or thumb break which means you can count on it for quick draws.

You can mount the harness and holster it to a belt via slide slots. However, the cant isn’t adjustable, and the leather takes some time to break in. The compact paddle holster is decent, but you still have to wear a thick shirt over the holster for maximum concealment.

Overall, it’s very different from any holster, and how the harness relies on your handgun and magazines’ balance really adds a unique comfort. It feels just right.

You can also check out the improved and even more expensive Galco Miami Classic 2 pivoting harness with dual carrier and wider weight-distributing straps.

Honorable Mentions

If they’re in the honorable mentions section that doesn’t mean these holster models are a bargain bin. Here are some ankle holsters and garter holsters for you.

Uncle Mike’s Nylon Ankle Holster

  • Great value
  • Reinforced thumb break
  • Solid nylon retention strap
  • Wrap-around design feels quite snug
  • Has a removable calf strap for added comfort
  • Great manufacturer reputation for reliability and quality
  • Doesn’t hold heavy handguns well

Uncle Mike’s Ankle holsters are one of the best bang-for-your-buck holsters you can find on the market today. This one is for those of you who like to keep it discreet.

Uncle Mike’s holster fits most handguns that have a similar blocky design to the Glock 19, and the nylon retention strap with a reinforced thumb break makes sure the handgun stays put.

The holster has hook ‘n loop adjustment features for added comfort and the adjustable velcro strap makes sure it fits your leg size. You can adjust the cant by tweaking the velcro strap around the top of your calf.

The elastic garter and the velcro closure retention strap is strong, but not enough to hold hefty handguns like the Beretta PX4 Storm .40 S&W. Still, we’re talking about Glocks, right?

It might take a while to get used to it, but that’s the deal with ankle holsters. Overall, Uncle Mike’s holster is a solid choice if you have a lightweight to a medium-weight handgun.

Can Can Concealment Garter Holster

  • Very comfortable and fits most blocky handguns
  • Women’s choice
  • Military-grade elastic material
  • Hypoallergenic non-slip Tacti-Grip
  • Users report the garter sliding down

Garter holsters are perfect if you’re wearing a dress or a skirt, especially during this sweltering heat. The cleverly named Can Can Concealment garter holster is one of the best thigh holsters you can find on the market today.

The holster is available in four sizes, with three rows of hooks for adjustments and securing it around your leg.

The tabs on the sides of the gun pocket ensure smooth re-holstering, and the built-in magnets make sure the Glock and mag stay put.

It’s mostly compatible with subcompact handguns like the Ruger LCP, some Walther models, S&W Shield, and of course, the Glock 19. It’s not hard to fit larger guns, but it won’t be fully concealed. Additionally, the holster is fully ambidextrous.

The downside is that there have been customer reports of slipping, so be mindful of that.

Overall, due to the 6-inch tall military-grade elastic material, the Can Can Concealment garter holster is one of the most popular choices for women’s concealed carry holsters.

Glock 19 Holster Buyer’s Guide

When browsing these holsters, you need to figure out how you’d like to carry your handgun: concealed or OWB. This is the most important bit, but ultimately, it’s all up to you.

A quality holster firmly holds your firearm, allows you to draw your handgun quickly, and protects you from any accidental discharges.

Additionally, keep in mind that most holsters aren’t ambidextrous and you should consider your hand dominance. You wouldn’t want to buy a lefty holster if you’re right-handed.

Let’s go into more detail.

Consider the Holster Material

The first thing that you’ll notice is the holster’s material. It should be sturdy, durable, and easy to clean, but not too rugged or hard to cause you discomfort.

There are holsters that use different designs and materials, but we’ll mention the most popular ones. Let’s start with the coolest looking one.

Leather holsters look cool, right? They’re soft, comfy, and stylish. This traditional material ensures that the holster lasts for a very long time and doesn’t take much time to break in, just like new shoes. As long as you clean the leather with glycerine soap every 3 or 4 months, everything will be just dandy.

Kydex holsters are an amalgamation of new technologies that use thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride materials. This material is maintenance-free, offers great retention, won’t scratch your gun, and is waterproof.

Nylon holsters are a great budget-friendly option and are almost always available while being easy to clean and maintain. I would advise against picking nylon holsters since the aforementioned two types tend to be of higher quality, but if you’re a casual gun owner who rarely carries, it’s a good choice.

Look for a Comfortable Holster

Comfort is probably a priority numero uno when it comes to holsters. Sometimes, it takes some time for you to get used to the holster and break it in.

Make sure you grab a soft one that won’t cause you discomfort and maintains its stability. A good old undershirt and additional clothing will prevent any rubbing and discomfort, but this usually depends on the material and design.

Still, one should always try it before buying it. This applies to many things in life, come to think about it.

A Good Holster Protects Your Handgun

Bumps, scratches, and abrasion will do a number on your Glock unless you grab yourself a holster with durable and protective surfaces.

A quality holster should also be able to protect a handgun from itself. You’d be surprised how many gun owners complain about holsters damaging their firearms, hoping that forcing the firearm will break in the holster.

Most Kydex and leather holsters will protect your handgun and won’t scratch the surface. Kydex can even be custom-molded to fit your handgun, especially if you have a light or laser addon.

Polymer materials protect your gun against impact and can withstand a good amount of shock, but they can also damage and scuff your Glock.

This doesn’t bother gun owners much, but if you care about your finish (like any sane person does), go for a leather holster or a Kydex holster with a soft, protective lining.


Simply put, retention is what makes your Glock stay put.

If you turn your holstered handgun upside down and it doesn’t fall off, it has solid retention. It’s important to balance things out because too much—as well as too little—retention is bad.

Holsters use active retention, passive retention, and sometimes a combination of the two.

Active retention holsters use an active mechanism to keep your Glock in place, usually with thumb breaks (popular on leather holsters), a strap, or a release button that engages or disengages retention to pull your weapon out.

Passive retention holsters are molded in the shape of the handgun and rely on sheer friction to secure your handgun into a snug fit. They’re simple, enable a fast draw, and require no additional fancy mechanisms; just good old smooth surfaces. You can adjust the screws to tighten or loosen the retention at will.

Then, you have holsters that use a combination of both the passive and active retention systems. I strongly recommend you stick with these holsters.

Be Sure That the Holster Covers the Trigger

One of the biggest reasons why a Glock 19 needs a good holster is that it doesn’t have an external safety. Therefore, you need a holster that can cover the trigger to avoid accidental discharge.

I strongly recommend you also look for holsters with a positive grip.

A holster with a positive grip enables you to draw your handgun by using just your dominant hand with a tight grip in any situation, despite the covered trigger. A high-quality holster will make this very easy, but you also need to make sure to constantly practice the motion. More on that in a bit.

If you own a Sig Sauer P365, for instance, there are lots of holsters with great positive grip.

Practice Your Draw Speed

Lastly, how a holster enables you to quickly access and draw your handgun is very important. What’s the point of a high-quality holster if it hinders your draw speed?

There are many different holsters with different designs, and this goes hand-in-hand with retention and affects your draw speed. Be sure to break in the holster and make yourself comfortable with it in all kinds of scenarios, maneuvers, and operations.


By now, I hope that this guide has helped you in narrowing down your choices and that you’re ready to grab a comfortable and sturdy holster for your Glock.

Truth be told, different gun owners have different preferences.

Despite the popularity of prominent holster brands like Concealment Express and Alien Gear, you can still find that their products might not be suitable for everyone. One man’s treasure is another man’s trash I guess.

Make sure you decide whether you’d like an IWB or OWB, pick one that’s easy to adjust, and go for either leather, Kydex, or a combination of the two.

Don’t forget that almost all holsters need breaking in, and you should always try it before you buy it to decide what’s comfortable.

Once you take your pick, adjust the retention properly (the screws) and you’ll get used to the holster in due time. Practice your draw while you’re at it!

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