Mossberg MC2c OR Review: It’s A Pistol, Not A Shotgun!
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Mossberg MC2c OR Review: It’s A Pistol, Not A Shotgun!
Ryan Domke Last Updated 12th November,2023
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More often than not, if you see a Mossberg review, it’s featuring one of its excellent shotguns. That’s not a bad thing by any means; we love us some Mossberg scatterguns!

But, of course, Mossberg offers so much more than just shotguns. Whether you’re looking for a precision rifle, a range plinker, or a concealed carry handgun, Mossberg has options for you.

Today’s focus is the Mossberg MC2c, Mossberg’s latest attempt to expand its market share in firearms. It’s a compact 9mm with a 16+1 capacity that doesn’t break the bank.

We’ll share with you our initial thoughts, our range results, and ultimately let you know if we think this should be your next concealed carry handgun.

mossberg mc2c review and range test
We were lucky enough to have some private range time with the MC2c at the Outpost Armory.

A big shoutout to Mossberg for sending out this MC2c for us to review.

Mossberg MC2c Review

Mossberg MC2c For Sale


Capacity14+1; 16+1
Barrel Length3.9 Inches
Overall Length7.1 Inches
Width1.1 Inches
Height4.9 Inches
Weight (unloaded)21 Ounces
SightsTruGlo Titrium Pro Night Sights / Optic-Ready

Pros & Cons

  • Optics-ready slide with front serrations
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Flat-face trigger
  • TruGlo Tritium Pro sights
  • 16+1 capacity
  • Triggerless takedown
  • Textured finger rests
  • Not a ton of aftermarket support
  • Slide stop is hard to engage/disengage in a hurry
  • Front slide serrations are relatively shallow
  • Would like to see more of the grip textured

First Impressions

As I took the MC2c out of the box, I was surprised at how well it felt in my hand. The grip texturing could use some work as it doesn’t cover more than 50% of the grip, but the width and height make it very comfortable.

A couple of dry fires revealed a relatively light trigger pull (Mossberg states it is around 5.5 pounds, and I’d say that feels about right), and the gun pointed naturally. It almost reminded me of a Glock 19 in that sense, so aiming downrange felt very familiar.

mossberg mc2c hands on review
Grip size is no issue with the MC2c.

How We Tested

I wound up at the range three times with the MC2c, where I ran some standard shooting and reload drills and dumped a few mags for fun.

I also let one of the guys who works at the range take some shots to get a second hands-on opinion of the gun. We agreed it was a flat-shooting and easy-to-control handgun, but he felt the trigger needed to be more precise.

I would disagree.


Over those three range sessions, I put 215 rounds through the gun. I’ll detail which exact ammo I put through it in the next section, but the MC2c performed flawlessly with all of it. I experienced no malfunctions of any kind.

You always have to dump a mag or two, right?

Ammo Used

I had one box of 124-grain Hornady Black left, which I supplemented with 115-grain Winchester Target & Practice FMJs and 124-grain Blazer Brass FMJs. I also found a few random rounds in my range bag of 124-grain Federal Punch JHPs.

mossberg mc2c winchester hornady ammo magazine
The MC2c was not picky with its ammo.


I was pleasantly surprised with my accuracy right out of the gate. I’m admittedly no professional shooter or even semi-professional shooter, but I do hit the range often enough, as you could imagine.

I kept my targets between seven and 25 yards, with some of the targets moving on a pre-determined timer.

Below is one of my first set of groupings as I was going from seven to ten yards. My groupings opened up quite a bit once I pushed towards 20+ yards, but I was happy with the accuracy within defensive distances.

mossberg mc2c range test and groupings
A ten-yard grouping on the left and a seven-yard grouping on the right.


Mossberg MC2c Features

Optics-Ready Slide

Optics-ready slides are becoming the new norm these days, and I love it! All of the MC2c models come optic-ready with a Shield RMS footprint. This particular model also comes with TruGlo night sights installed from the factory, which is a nice touch over the standard white 3-dot setup.

Also, on the slide, you’ll notice some forward slide serrations. I am pickier than the average shooter with my front serrations because I press check often. That said, I would have liked to see these serrations be more aggressive.

mossberg mc2c leaning against ammo can
Slide serrations can be found at the front and rear.

Flat-Face Trigger

A flat-face trigger with an integrated blade safety rests within the standard-sized trigger guard. I found the break to be relatively clean, but the reset was difficult to pinpoint, especially when shooting, instead of just taking your time while dry firing.

The trigger was smooth, though, and repeatable, so I was able to keep my follow-up shots quick and tight. As I mentioned earlier, Mossberg states the pull is around 5.5 pounds, which I have no reason to think otherwise after shooting it.

mossberg mc2c close up trigger
Flat triggers are the way of the future!

16+1 Capacity

Capacity is the name of the game, especially when you’re carrying. When you’re away from home, you probably don’t have a stockpile of ammo in your backpack, so your magazine(s) are all you have while you’re out.

The MC2c comes standard with a 14 and 16-round magazine, which, if you carry with one in the chamber, gives you a total of 17 rounds with a single magazine. Not too shabby. The extended magazine also provides some extra real estate for you to grip.

mossberg mc2c magazines review
A total of 30 rounds between the two mags.

Score Card

Reliability (10/10)  

I didn’t have any malfunctions. Zero. None. Goose egg.

Ergonomics (8/10)

Fits my hand great, and the gun points well. The controls could use some work, though.

Customization (7/10)

You can swap the sights, add a light and optic, and find a few holsters out there, but the aftermarket support is lacking compared to the competition.

Appearance (7/10)

It’s a rather simple-looking black handgun, and the grip texture design doesn’t do it for me.

Value (8/10)

We found the gun reliable and accurate, but the price is a bit high compared to other popular compact pistols that have long proven themselves.


Black Arch Rev-Con Holster

Black Arch Rev-Con Holster

Black Arch makes high-quality holsters in many configurations. The full Kydex Rev-Con is reversible and convertible, meaning it can be switched from left to right and from IWB to OWB.

It features adjustable cant and retention, along with the ability to add a concealment wing. If versatility is what you’re looking for in a holster, consider the Rev-Con as a top choice.

Holosun 507K X2 

holosun hs507k x2

Y’all know I’m a sucker for Holosun optics. The 507K X2 would probably be my #1 choice to mount on the MC2c. It’s compact without sacrificing features.

It features Holsun’s Multi-Reticle System and Shake Awake technology, in addition to 12 brightness settings (two of which are night vision compatible).

The 7075 T6 Aluminum housing paired with the IP67 waterproof rating makes it durable enough for many scenarios and conditions.


Glock 19 Gen5 MOS

It shouldn’t be surprising that the Glock 19 Gen5 MOS is the first alternative. It has that Glock reliability, an optics-ready slide, and an accessory rail. The trigger has been slightly improved over the previous model, and it also has the finger grooves removed from the grip.

glock 19 gen 5 unboxing
The Glock 19 Gen5 delivers everything you need right out of the box.

While it has a standard 15+1 capacity, you can use the 17-round magazines from the Glock 17 to increase the capacity. Lastly, there is probably more aftermarket support for the Glock platform than any other, so you’ll have plenty of fun accessories and parts to choose from.

glock 19 gen 5 vs mossberg mc2c
The Mossberg MC2c (left) vs. the Glock 19 Gen5 (right). Photo courtesy of Handgun Hero

In case you’re interested, check out our full review of the Glock 19 Gen5. Note: it is not the MOS version, but you can just use your imagination and add an optic cut to the slide.

Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro

The Hellcat Pro offers more capacity in a smaller package than the MC2c, making it ideal for concealed carry. The standard capacity is 15+1, but Springfield recently released 17-round magazines for it.

hellcat pro review
Inside of the cardboard box that the Hellcat Pro comes in is a soft pistol case.

It’s optics-ready, has an excellent stock trigger (at least in my opinion), and has one of my favorite grip textures on the market. In addition, you get front slide serrations, an accessory rail, and tritium U-Dot sights that are 10x better than the standard Glock sights.

hellcat pro vs mossberg mc2c
The Mossberg MC2c (left) vs. the Springfield Hellcat Pro (right). Photo courtesy of Handgun Hero

In case you’re interested, go check out our Hellcat Pro review.


You’ve made it this far, so the Mossberg MC2c must’ve piqued your interest at least a little bit. I don’t blame you. I mean, it’s a Mossberg PISTOL.

By the end of my testing of the MC2c, I can definitely say I see the potential. Would it take the #1 spot in my carry rotation? No, it would not.

However, I wouldn’t be hesitant to carry it, as it proved reliable and accurate. It also offers enough rounds for me to be comfortable carrying it without needing an additional magazine.

I believe Mossberg is on to something with this one, and I’m excited to see what its next handgun brings to the table.

What do you think of the Mossberg MC2c? Would you consider carrying it? Let us know in the comments.

As always, stay safe, train hard, and have fun.

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