Sig Sauer P365 vs. P365X: Year-Round CCW Comparison
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Sig Sauer P365 vs. P365X: Year-Round CCW Comparison
Brian Zerbian Last Updated 5th October,2023


When talking about concealed carry weapons (CCW), you often hear about the Springfield Armory Hellcat or the Glock 43, but the good guys and gals over at Sig Sauer have a CCW that’ll most likely be your year-round hip hugger. I’m talking about the P365 and its bigger sibling, the P365X.

In this article, I will touch on some essential factors that’ll take half the stress off of pulling the trigger (pun intended) on which one you’ll want to carry.

After shooting both the P365 and P365X, I can say that I prefer the more extended grip module on the P365X. It works better for those of us with larger hands. As for why else I like the P365X, keep reading.

Overview of the Sig Sauer P365

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What is the P365?

Sig Sauer dropped the P365 at SHOT Show in 2018 and positioned it as the answer to shooters’ need for a pistol that is easier to conceal but more shootable and has a better magazine capacity.

The P365 name comes from being able to “carry it 365 days a year.”

It set a significant standard, weighing in just under 18 ounces and having a total length of just under six inches. The P365 still holds a 10+1 capacity while fitting snugly in your waistband.

Look at the P365 SAS if you want an ultimate carry P365 with no snag.

Overview of the Sig Sauer P365X

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What is the P365X?

The P365X is a mashup of the P365 and P365XL (see our P365XL review if you need more info). Think of the Glock 19x, which has the slide and barrel of the Glock 19 but the frame of a Glock 17.

But now you take the P365 barrel and slide and throw it on the frame of a P365XL, and you have the P365X.

The P365X sports a flat-faced trigger shoe, similar to the one seen on the P365XL, and the optics cut slide from the P365. It carries over the 12+1 round magazine capacity from the P365XL as well.

The taller grip on the P365X will benefit those with larger hands.

Specification Chart for the P365 and P365X

ActionStriker FiredStriker Fired
Weight1.1 Pounds1.1 Pounds
Height 4.3 Inches4.8 Inches
Width 1 Inch1.1 inches
Overall Length5.8 Inches6 Inches
Barrel Length 3.1 Inches3.1 Inches
Grip MaterialPolymerPolymer
Barrel MaterialCarbon Steel Carbon Steel

Key Differences Between the P365 and P365X

sig sauer p365 vs p365x
Sig P365 vs. Sig P365X via Handgun Hero

While the P365 and P365X share many of the same features, some welcomed upgrades to the P365X gave shooters with larger hands a solid alternative. Here are the differences between the P365 and P365X.

Frame (Grip Module)

The frame is one of the more noticeable differences when comparing the P365 and P365X. Or as some call it, the grip module. On the P365X, you have a 4.8-inch height on the frame, whereas the P365 has a height of 4.3 inches.

The taller grip module makes the P365X more shootable for those of us with larger hands. It also allows for a higher-capacity magazine.

Larger Magazine Capacity (P365X)

Since the frame on the P365X is taller, it allows you to carry more in the magazine. The P365X has a 12+1 magazine capacity, giving you 13 rounds when carried with one in the chamber.

The smaller P365 only comes with 10+1, or 11 rounds, when carried with one in the chamber.

Both have options for larger magazines, of course. But they can get expensive.

Ergonomics (Shootability)

Returning to the taller frame, the P365X fits in the hand more comfortably and gives you more real estate to get your hands on. This increases the shooter’s ability to get rounds on target and quickly return the sights to where they belong.

Due to the shorter barrel, micro-compact pistols are already more challenging to control than larger handguns, so the more gun to get your hands on, the better.

Trigger Shoes

If you’re a trigger guy, one of the first things you notice when you put both pistols side by side is the trigger shoes from the factory. The P365 has a traditional curved trigger, and the P365X has a flat trigger.

Flat triggers lower the pressure to pull the trigger, although you still have to make sure you’re getting low enough to take advantage of the leverage and utilize the flat trigger benefit. They also make it easy for finger pad placement to remain steady, helping to control your aim and maintain close follow-up shots.

All shooters have their preferences, but flat triggers aid in a smoother trigger pull, in my experience.


If you’re after deep concealment and want to limit printing as much as possible, the smaller grip on the P365 might be a more attractive option for you. Shooters with a more petite frame can also benefit from the compactness of the P365 overall.

While the extra half-inch won’t be a big deal and can easily be covered by the proper clothing, the P365 is technically more concealable.

Don’t sacrifice shootability for concealability, though.

P365 Pros & Cons

  • Small shooters can benefit from the smaller grip
  • High round count for a smaller pistol
  • Great sights
  • Very easy to conceal
  • PVD coating wears quickly
  • Poor magazine finish
  • Recoil can be snappy

P365X Pros & Cons

  • Taller grip makes it more comfortable to shoot (still easy to conceal)
  • Two extra rounds in the magazine (compared to the P365)
  • Works well with big and small hands
  • Recoil can be snappy
  • Poor magazine finish
  • NOT a budget-friendly option
  • PVD coating wears easily


What’s the difference between P365 and P365X?

Put simply, the P365X has an extended grip over the P365 and has a flat trigger, whereas the P365 has a curved trigger. The P365X is also easier to shoot, given the larger grip that works with more hand sizes.

Can I convert a P365 into a P365X?

Yes. All you need is a P365X grip module, and the fire control unit from the P365 will slip right in.

Is the P365X good for concealed carry?

Yes, it is. It doesn’t stab into your body all day due to the shorter barrel and slide, but it still gives you enough size to get a good grip when drawing and shooting.


While there aren’t too many things to discuss when putting the P365 vs. P365X, some changes make a huge difference when using these pistols daily or shooting them at the range.

I’d have to side with the P365X as the better overall carry gun. The taller grip works well with my hands and my lady’s (she’s 5’0 for context.) And the extra two rounds can mean life or death when dealing with multiple attackers.

Which pistol would you choose? Let me know in the comments which you prefer and why.

Be good and take care.