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Last Update logo – What Happened?

If you’re not familiar with Slickguns, just know it’s one of the most well-kept secrets for ammo and handsome firearm deals. It’s a nifty website/search engine that finds bargains, sales, and discounts for you from various retailers. How cool is that?

Today, a lot of folks are distraught because they haven’t been able to access the website for years, and many think that the website is gone for good. We’re here to dispel that notion. isn’t out of order. The website is still up, but it’s now rebranded as A lot of people actually didn’t know about this, so tell your friends and spread the word!

While the good old deals on guns, ammo, and the like are still there, there are also some new additions. I also added some cool alternative gun sale tracking websites for your convenience as well.

Who Is Slickguns?

Slickguns is/was definitely one of the most trusted and popular websites for tracking and listing deals online from all kinds of retailers and firearm websites. continued in the same vein and it’s a complete repository of decent prices, great deals, and sometimes absolute steals (pardon the rhyme). The website is always up-to-date in a near-real-time manner and covers the full spectrum of firearms, from ammo to all kinds of accessories.

Check out our best places to buy guns for more info.

For those who didn’t know, many were delighted to see great prices online and do comparisons, and for those who did know the website, once they see a Slickguns logo, a part of their brain lights up like a Christmas tree.

Truth be told, it’s more of a hazard for your wallet than it actually helps. The gun deals are always irresistible and you could almost always find a reason to splurge, despite the decent pricing. There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing, eh?

I remember a friend kept refreshing the page in a span of 15 minutes because it was always busy. People just keep clicking and snatching bargains like there’s no tomorrow.

So, what happened?

What Happened to Slickguns?

In 2017, Slickguns rebranded the name and launched a new website:

The reason for this decision is unknown to me, but I suppose they wanted to reach more potential customers under the new moniker.

The name change probably happened so that people could find deals even more easily when googling, as the new brand is pretty telling of what it’s about.

And what’s new?

What’s New on

Well, other than the domain change, the entire website has gone through some minor changes while the font of the logo is still pretty much the same.

The method of posting and browsing remains the same, and you can still find products that offer 50% off if you’re lucky enough. new website
Now. Source:

The mods and dealers can still set up their own sales and deals for new and used guns.

The changes are apparent with the design and content, but the deals and pricing are the same. So, nothing much. It’s still good ol’ Slickguns.

Here’s what offers:

  • Sales from almost every top manufacturer and brand in the US.
  • newsletter to keep you updated on changes, price drops, and cool new deals.
  • User-posted and rated deals with a voting system and comments.
  • Watchlists and price drop notifications for when you’d want to keep your eyes peeled for a certain discount.
  • Easy price comparison between retailers.
  • Price-per-round for ammo.
  • Regular gun and ammo updates (5-minute span).
  • URLs that lead to the merchant websites.
  • Coupons for top deals on guns and ammo.

How Do Work?

Users can submit products in their catalog while the readers rate the quality of the bargain, which is also known as crowdsourcing.

The users actively compare them with factors like MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) and showcase only the best prices.

Simply go to the seller’s website and buy directly from them while browsing and comparing the deals yourself. It just works!

Do Sell Firearms? doesn’t sell the products, per se. It acts as a search engine and posting board that scours the web for gun deals. Users can also post their deals and sell guns themselves.

Slickguns is a website that’s operated independently by gun folk moderators for gun folks who are actively searching for gun deals.

slickguns product list

Marketing, Buying, and Selling

You’re able to post your deal and sell your firearms, however, you’re limited to posting one deal every three days.

Just click the ‘Post a Deal’ button, fill in the required details, and post your new or used gun. Depending on how reasonable the price is, you can sell the product mere minutes after it’s been posted!

You can also add the product to your wishlist, subscribe to the price drop or the comment section, and get notified when there are any price changes.

What’s great is that you can get lucky and receive an extra pair of mags or a magazine carrier for free if you subscribe to the “Gear Up” promotion.

What Does Offer?

You can find concealed carry handguns, shotguns, rifles, long-range hunting equipment, camo clothes, target practice cardboards, scopes, optics, red dot sights, tools, ammunition, knives, and even clothing. Literally, anything firearm-related.

For example, you set your eyes on a cool Holosun HE508T-RE X2 handgun optic for your SIG P365. The price stands at around $220, which is a decent deal. The users could then rate the gun deal up to 5 stars, so you’ll know whether you’re getting a bargain or you’re getting scammed.

If you wish, you can check out our list of best aftermarket sight options for the P365.

Did I mention the community?

The Community of

The community is the website and vice versa. It’s the heart and mind of the website; the moderators just do all the background heavy lifting.

Slickguns a.k.a. have a trusted and welcoming community of gun folk, and all of them are buyers, sellers, or just curious lurkers who are willing to chit-chat, give advice, and help out anybody in need.

There are tens of thousands of registered users and you can log in without any additional info from your end. I suggest you register if you want to comment, vote on deals, or reply on any boards.

Additionally, you can even hold contests.


One of the best features that offers is the regular hosting of contests and sweepstakes. This is how it works.

You can recommend deals and links and refer them to your friends to win points. The winner who gets the most points can win prizes, coupons, and unique deals.

It’s a great way to encourage the market and keep the blood pumping.

Hosting these competitions is beneficial for the community and popularizes the site. It’s a clever and foolproof plan to promote the website and gives everyone an opportunity for people to win more deals.

Advertising Yourself

If you’re a seller, there’s no better place to advertise your stock than It’s a nice board to promote and advertise yourself and highlight your products because posting your deals is a cinch.

Although Slickguns doesn’t pay to post ads, and you’re limited to a post per three days, posting is free and you can expand your business very easily.

If you consistently post solid deals, your reputation will grow. Simple and effective.

Alternative Firearm Price Tracking Websites

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on Gun Deals, here are some alternative websites.

If you’d like to really get your money’s worth, it might be a good idea to keep track of all the sites and refresh your pages once every hour or so.

Primary Arms

Primary Arms isn’t a compound website, but they have a nice little “sales button” that shows all the items with bargain price tags.

Add their sales page to your bookmarks, and click it any time you feel that you’ll come across a nice little bingo.

They also have great military and law enforcement official discounts, and though it takes a few workarounds, it’s absolutely worth it. More on this, here.

Palmetto State Armory

palmetto state armory logo

I know. It’s a store, but hear me out.

PSA’s “Daily Gun Deals” button is one of the hottest buttons you can press if you’re sniffing out bargains. They almost always have them, especially when it comes to .45 ACP ammo boxes, Remington shotguns

Add this to your list of potential alternatives.

Lucky Gunner

lucky gunner logo

If you’re having trouble finding ammo boxes, Lucky Gunner has you covered.

Bulk ammunition at an affordable price is their bread and butter of business deals, and I can safely say that they have one of the most massive ammunition inventories among online retailers.

With excellent customer service, one of the fastest shipping periods online, and the opportunity for same-day shipment when you purchase items before 3 p.m. makes Lucky Gunner a gunman’s favorite place.

Additionally, they have 110% refund policies when you order something before the 3 p.m. timeframe and don’t receive it the same day. Talk about trust.

Here’s a guide on where to find the best ammo deals.

Cheaper Than Dirt

Here’s another important website name that’s not Slickguns.

CTD is famous for their -10-25% discount prices and how they almost always have the many sought-after items in stock.

You got your firearms, ammunition, gear, survival equipment, tactical equipment, rifle receivers, and they also have a good backorder catalog, if you’re looking for a quality barrel, upper receiver, lower receiver, and pistol grip prices.

The site is fast and easy to use, and there’s also a rating review system that’s always accurate.

Atlantic Arms

Atlantic Arms is focused on military-grade firearms. From AKs to cheap AR-15 rifles, and even .50 caliber bullets, Atlantic Arms works with the big guns.

They have an “FFL finder” button, dealer accounts, and an excellent newsletter for hot sales and deals. Additionally, they have gift cards, if that’s your thing.

Reddit /r/gundeals

This is an important one.

/r/gundeals is a subreddit that has over 300k subscribers where they post their favorite deals, upvote, downvote, and comment on the posts.

It’s one of the better ways to filter out the coolest and most favored deals you can find on because this crowdsourcing method of info-gathering results in rounding up the best and most popular deals while weeding out jacked-up prices.

The subreddit is a friendly place with a helpful community because 90% of the users are users.


You’ve heard of MidwayUSA, and here’s why I’m a fan.

They have fair prices, excellent service, a straightforward back-ordering notification system, and the owner, Larry Potterfield has a very helpful vlog where he talks about firearms and shows off hunting tips & tricks.

MidwayUSA is also well-known for its stoic diligence and business ethics when the great gun scare happened around 2013.

They were the only company that didn’t fold under pressure and kept the prices as they were, unlike most retailers who jacked up the price tags while everybody followed suit.

I don’t know about you, but they’ll always have my respect for this.

Slickguns (Now – Conclusion

The new website is still the good old Slickguns website.

It’s a fast website run by gun folk for gun folk, and it takes bargain-hunting to the next level, as opposed to other unfocused gun search engines.

It remains a go-to place for people that are looking for deals on rifles, shotguns, handguns, essential pistol parts, accessories, and ammunition.

Keep in mind that it’s not a place just for budget-friendly options; you could also find excellent firearms and bulk ammo with great prices.

It’s important to note that even though you could come across products with big markdowns on their prices, when you reach the checkout part, you’ll notice that the shipping costs can be even more expensive depending on where you live. That’s why you need to be sure to compare the total costs as sometimes buying from the retailer is a better option.

Finally, a word of advice: keep a financially reasonable mindset and only buy what you truly need. Websites like this sponsor and showcase stuff that you might think you’ll need, but you never do, and this is what makes it more of a threat than a helpful resource for your wallet.

To sum up, you can find great firearms deals anywhere as long as you spend more time browsing and comparing prices from multiple sources. is always the right place to start with.

Just be patient and observant, and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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