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After testing AR-15s from four high-end AR-15 manufacturers, I found Bravo Company AR-15’s to be the best.

I’ve spent plenty of time studying and using all sorts of firearms. During those years, I have developed a good understanding of what makes for a reliable rifle. 

Why Bravo Company is the Top High-End AR-15 Manufacturer

When it comes to AR-15’s, it is hard to beat those from Bravo Company. The Bravo Company team consists of military veterans that know what makes for the most reliable firearms. They apply that knowledge towards creating the best guns in the business, including their AR-15’s.

Bravo Company uses only the best parts in assembling their rifles, and they put their products through rigorous testing before they ever reach the market. That way, you can rest assured that a Bravo Company AR-15 comes with the utmost reliability. Along with dependability, Bravo Company AR-15’s manage to strike a nice balance between affordability and incredible performance. 

Still, there are many other high-end AR-15 manufacturers for you to consider. Each one comes with a unique set of advantages that sets it apart from all the rest. 

If you are interested in exploring more top-of-the-line AR-15 manufacturers, this article is sure to satisfy your curiosity. 

Springfield Armory

AR-15s in the Springfield Armory Saint series are attractive and lightweight firearms. While nearly all AR-15s are relatively light and easy to handle, Springfield Armory takes those qualities to the next level by minimizing kickbacks after each round.

I find that this AR-15 is also very reliable and easy to customize. After testing this firearm on the range, I was also shocked by the comfort and feel of this AR-15. To top it all off, the Springfield Armory Saint has that classic AR-15 design that I, and many other enthusiasts, have come to love. 

Daniel Defense

Let’s face it. When it comes to putting firearms to practical use, I’m talking about more than just spending time at the range: reliability is the number one concern. When I’m looking for a gun I can trust, Daniel Defense is one of the first companies I consider.

Anyone with experience in the firearm community knows that the Daniel Defense name is one you can trust. Daniel Defense offers some of the highest quality guns you can imagine. That quality is especially prevalent in their AR-15.


When I wanted to buy my first AR-15, I had a problem. I didn’t want to break the bank on a new firearm, but I didn’t want to settle for a sub-par product. For those facing the same issue today, Ruger AR-15s are a fantastic option.

Ruger hadn’t started making AR-15s when I was searching for my first one. But since 2014, they have been making high-quality AR-15s at a reasonable price. And don’t assume that affordability removes these firearms from the high-end range. Ruger AR-15s are both highly accurate and have great longevity. 

What to Consider When Shopping for an AR-15

Those four products above are some of the best that you can find. But it is always possible that you might like a different AR-15 for your collection. If you are not satisfied with what we have already covered, you should at least understand what to look for when shopping for an AR-15. Here’s some additional information you should know as you shop.

Advantages of an AR-15

Before we cover some misconceptions surrounding AR-15s, let’s discuss the reasons why they are so popular. AR-15s are not just fun to shoot during a weekend trip to the gun range. They are undeniably one of the best firearm options for self-defense. 

There have been several cases in which lawful AR-15 owners have used their firearms to protect themselves against attackers. At times, the sight of the AR-15 alone was enough to deter would-be burglars and assaulters.

When it comes to actual use, AR-15s are very accurate and easy to use. They have a lightweight design with minimal recoil. AR-15s have great ergonomics and customization options compared to other firearms, making them comfortable to handle even in high-stress situations. 

What Does “AR” Mean?

There is admittedly a lot of controversy surrounding AR-15s. And while I respect everyone’s right to a different opinion, I think it is important to clear up one of the most common AR-15 misconceptions.

Some people believe that the “AR” in AR-15 stands for “assault rifle,” but that is not the case. Instead, “AR” stands for ArmaLite Inc., the firearm’s first manufacturer.

bexar arms ar 15

Is an AR-15 an Automatic Rifle?

To understand this topic, you should know that there is a distinction between AR-15s for military use and those that civilians can carry. But first, let’s cover what the terms “automatic” and “semi-automatic” mean:

  • Automatic: one pull of the trigger = a continuous firing of rounds
  • Semi-automatic: one pull of the trigger  = no more than a single round fired

The military may carry AR-15s that are semi-automatic or fully automatic. Civilians can only carry semi-automatic AR-15s. So unless you are an active member of the armed forces, you cannot have a fully automatic AR-15.

Where to Buy?

If you’re curious about pricing and how to place an order online, don’t hesitate to check out our recommendations on where to purchase for the best prices. 


When it comes to high-end AR-15 manufacturers, there is a lot for you to consider. That is why I made this guide to some of the best options.

Regardless of which you choose, AR-15s are incredible firearms that are fun to use in recreational settings and reliable when it comes to protection. But if you want to save time in choosing the best AR-15 for you, go with one from Bravo Company.

You can find the best AR-15 parts and accessories on the Bravo Company site. In committing to Bravo Company AR-15s, I have never been disappointed. I’m confident you won’t be either. 

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  1. I have read your article and I mostly agree, with the excel of the “you cannot have a fully automatic AR-15”. This is simply not the truth. I have a full auto lower for my AR-15. It is a Colt Sporter 2 made in 1981 and is registered on the NFRTR as a machine gun.


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